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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by lonestar, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. Morning all,

    I have heard that there are some medical standards which differ between the surface fleet and submariners. However as yet all my medicals have been identical to those going for General Service jobs.

    Will I, perhaps at a later date nearer to beginning Submarine training, have to do a specific medical examination?

    I ask mainly due to the fact I am pretty sure my ears don't equalise, if they do it certainly isn't all the time. I am checking in a pretty non-scientific way I must admit, mainly through holding my nose and blowing or through yawning and trying to make them pop. The left one does but the right only does maybe 1 out of 5 times. It doesn't routinely cause pain but I have had some problems when flying before, normally in that same ear.

    Is this going to cause me a problem and if so is it something I should raise or something that they will investigate at some point.
  2. As long as your ears actually do equilibrate (not equalise) then you should be ok. The easiest way to do this is to pinch your nose and blow out, but yawning or swallowing also works.
  3. I can feel a clearing/popping sensation in the left ear every time but having just done it 10 times the right one does nothing. It has done it fine before but it is pretty rare. Is this a submarine specific issue or is it something that would cause an issue during any RN medical?
  4. Submarine specific. It will be assessed.
  5. Ok, cheers Doc, I will wait for that time and hope that if it is an issue they re-route me General Service rather than getting rid of me altogether. :?
  6. Sorry Doc, last question I promise, you don't happen to know when do you? At BRNC? Pre-submarine training?
  7. Hello. sorry if iam posting in the wrong place, i have just joined.

    just looking for a few ansewers if possible because my afco is unsure.

    Iam going in for ws t (sm). i have passed the recruitment process just got prnc to do.

    Anyway. i got passed medical fit but he said that my peak flow result was a little low but he said that was because i was 16 and my lunges may not be fully developed yet and just need time to catch up, otherwise he said i was young fit and healthy. i was wondering if this would effect the outcome of my submariner medical at training. Also is the poping your ears and holding your breath true. iam confident with fittness ect. but just the submariner medical worries me because i cant do anything about it. stupid really. just dont want to be booted out due to the specialist medical.

    Any info would be great. thanks
  8. Lmfao!!!! Albowco.
  9. haha. i might/will get funny looks if i were to wear that at my gym.
  10. have to be able to pop your ears (this is not a joke)...sadly I am unable to comment on your lunges...
  11. i can make them just about pop and if i go down a big hill near my house they do. sometimes
    . is that awright?
  12. Just remember to take a big hill with you when you front up to the doc for the medical.

  13. aye will do mate....

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