Submariner medical at hms raleigh

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by RhysJJ, May 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi, was wondering if anyone could tell me a little about the medical i have heard i have to do in the first week at HMS Raleigh? Has anyone here done one recently? Is it the same as my pre-joining medical. I'm going later this year and am a bit curious as i guess if it goes wrong i'll be sent packing!
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its a medical, there's nothing much that you can do about it, you'll either pass or fail, no point in getting stressed about it
  3. What he says.

    Plus - this topic must come up at least weekly. Surprisingly enough, the advice is unchanged.
  4. yes i know its a medical, but i dont know the difference between the submariner medical and the pre-joining medical, if any. I have used the 'search' option and no joy
  5. You don't need to know. The Medical Officer does need to know.
  6. Wind your neck in JJ and just turn up to it. There are no secrets about it as AngryDoc said, and if you ask again he will get angrier.:slow:
  7. The difference is: Ones a submariner medical the other aint! Happy?
  8. Start practising putting your knees up to your chin.
  9. Holding your breath.
    1 minute 29 sec = FAIL.
    1 minute 30 sec = PASS.
    Start practicing now. This is so you can make an emergency ascent from a downed sub.
    PS If you do it in front of a mirror you pass the divers test as well.
    Last edited: May 25, 2011
  10. Tryed it i held it for 1:41
  11. Actually, I think that there may be a good reason why this question comes up from time to time, and why people do have a need to know. People now join up as submariners (as opposed to being side-swiped at some point during or after Pt I), and are in the position where they may fail a test over which they have no control, and which could cause their hoped-for career to be terminated, as there is no guarantee that they would be offered a place as a skimmer (in fact, they are told that the chances of going skimmer after joining as a submariner would make JaydeMarie look like Pinkswordswallower's boy). It is not, therefore, unreasonable for them to enquire what extra things are included in this examination, as it could help those who know that they have just scraped through on one aspect or other decide if their goal is unachieveable before wasting their time and our money attempting to join as a submariner and failing at the first hurdle, rather than accepting that they wouldn't make the cut, and electing to become a skimmer from the outset.

    In the days of pressurised SETT runs, lung function was tested, and radiography of the chest carried out. I can't recall anything else being done that wasn't on a standard PULLHEEMS. With the demise of the pressurised runs, the end of Rush Escape as a recognised and supported method of exiting a sub, and the insistance that pressurised tower runs would be carried out only as a last resort, I can't see a valid reason for even those tests to be done any more, other than someone not having the testicularity to make it so. So, if anyone on here does actually know what extra things are included on a submariner's medical, and more importantly, why, I for one would like to know.
  12. Well done.

    Now try fifteen minutes.
  13. I know that in the early 70ties one first went to see the Shrink to see if there was anything loose in your nogin prior to the other medical requirements.
  14. Wouldn't that apply to all those applying to join HM Forces?
  15. The inference being you must be crazy to want to be a Submariner but we will check to be certain.
  16. All I can remember as a killick I had to go and answer at least 300 questions prior to carrying on with my medical.
    By the way Guzzler I was found sane?? enough
    but ended up later having problems with my eyes and ended up back on the targets.
  17. My mate held his for well over seven minutes.
    The funerals next wednesday.
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  18. I agree with joe_crow here, not with the angrycock. Alot of people bang on about how people who leave basic training after a day or so maybe because they didnt like it or fail a medical in this case, who clog up the waiting list for other recruits. Here we have someone who could ask their AFCO but posted a question on a website which is designed for such questions yet he gets stupid comments/answers from people like the angrycock. He has a right to ask, like you have a right to answer, yet if you do not wish to answer sensibly then why bother? It is a good question which could prevent him from turning up to basic training, being sent home, wasting his and everyone elses time/money and taking up a space on the waiting list. I for one would love to know more about that particular medical but if you insist on being a bellend then just dont bother.
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  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    jones, the website is not designed to ask questions, it is an unofficial website that is not run or organised by the RN. It has developed a section in which those wanting to join the RN can ask questions, the answers they get depend on how sensible the questions are and how many times they have been asked before, the latter showing that the OP cannot be bothered to search through the site before asking.

    Explain how knowing what the medical involves will reduce the queue at the last minute, bearing in mind that most things have already been examined at the original medical. If you are hiding a complaint that most would know that was a bar to entry into Boats, do you honestly think that coming onto an unofficial site and maybe finding an answer that you like will help you get in? I can assure you that quoting RR to the examining Dr. won't help, especially if its AngryDoc who you have just slagged off.

    If you or any posters can't be bothered to search the site before asking questions expect a rough ride if its already been asked a number of times
  20. Ask me a medical question, I will answer to the best of my ability.

    Ask me a medical question I have answered multiple times before, I will suggest using the search function.

    Ask me a question which frankly will have no effect on anything, I will suggest worrying about something else. Let's say the medical involves a super lung function test which is difficult to pass. Is this going to make someone think twice about going to the medical? I doubt it. You'd give it a go. You have nothing to lose.

    Really, there are more pressing things to worry about that what constitutes a medical.

    Jones: angrycock. I see what you did there. You must be a really funny guy.
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