Submariner Look at Life Course - Places available!


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For those interested, potential Officers or potential Ratings, there are limited places available on a submariner Look at Life Course, week commencing 20th May 2013 at HMS Caledonia for those perhaps considering a career in the submarine service.

Travel, food and accommodation is provided by the service and the course outline broadly follows the Potential Royal Navy Course (Video here: Royal Navy Acquaint Days | Royal Navy ), but focuses on an insight into the submarine service and includes the opportunity to visit an operational boat and talk to those personnel currently in the submarine service.

Interested? Contact your AFCO.


Wish I had gone to Caledonia. I was sent to Collingwood and visited a Hms Duncan, but a boat visit would have been nice since that's my choice. Chap i spoke to from Liverpool went to Caledonia and visited a boat, I live a few miles away and ended up in Collingwood. Luck of the draw I suppose.

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i would but i don't think i can get time of work :( did watch the channel 5 program and it looks good to me something I will enjoy !!!!


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i would but i don't think i can get time of work :( did watch the channel 5 program and it looks good to me something I will enjoy !!!!
Good idea when we were drafted from mech's course none of us new what boats were like so one of the class submariners arranged a visit, it was a bit late for us as we were going to boats like it or not, but still good to see.
Sorry to post so late but are these rather frequent? I'm aware my AFCO is probably the best person to ask but I was thinking when it comes to SIFT/AIB I'm sure it will be a benefit to show how keen I am etc.


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There are about ten places a year per AFCO roughly but that's for RN Look at Life (GS & SM) so places are at a premium. My AFCO has filled all the places already, and that's for September.


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If you are thinking of going submariner I would recommend this. I went on one towards the end of last year and it helped me make my mind up.
Will they be running a similar course for potential Wafus?
Clicky bed assembly, best bunk selection and the like could be taught;)
Ahhh okay I was hoping for something much sooner, I've booked my trip to gosport to check out the museum I know it's not ideal but I'm trying to involve myself as much as possible really to show how keen I am! A few months away from the missus, a job that's completely different to normal 9-5 and a bit of a challenge while getting paid (a bit more than 'skimmers' WAHEYYYY picking up the slang ) cheers for the help fellas

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