Submariner lifestyle/time off?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Submarine1, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys

    Ok, so I've read a lot about how submariners spend months at sea etc, but what I haven't seen is what happens when the submariner returns from a 3-6 month patrol? How long do you get off after a patrol and what sort of duties do you have to perform when you're at your home port!?

  2. Others with more recent experience will no doubt enlighten you but for now:

    Bet on yourself being Duty first night in and you won't be too disappointed.

    Duties to Perform?

    Singlies - Are required to perform at the Bar L (with or without the aid of props and/or the Dumbarton debs.)

    Accompanieds - Have to catch up on their marriage allowance backlog (having first sprinkled fistfuls of green smarties around the garden for the weans to find.)

    Hope that helps...
  3. "What's the first thing you are going to do when you get home Chief?"

    "Thats private."

    "OK, what's the second thing?"

    "Put my grip down."
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  4. If you're bombers you'll get a patrol weekend after which you'll be supporting the other crew during their maintenance period, filling gaps on their crew during work up (and if you really dip out their patrol as well) then when they finally go away you can get your leave in, training courses, and pre-on crew mandatory training up the TTF etc. Can't say what the Fleet boat f*gg*ts do, probably just top up the tans they got from all the foreign jollies (Bitter and twisted? Me sir? No sir!)
  5. On SSN's, the 5th watch will do most of the initial duties whilst you go extended weekend. You'll then fall into a normal working alongside routine of maintenance and leave periods.
  6. Thanks for your replies guys...

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  7. Ok, sorry all ;-)

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  8. depends on the class of boat
    if you go on a 2 crew bomber, you will get s good stint off, I should imagine

    go on a t-boat and you roll the dice. basically, go to sea as much as possible and the moment you get back to base port it is immediately in the mind set of get back to sea as soon as possible

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