Submariner Golden Hello £15k

I have Just been told a new Din has been released and the Golden hello is £15k! That's not what the website says and first I have heard of it. Anyone else heard anything on the grape vine?

Times must be hard if it's true and it has been increased 3 fold, I'm surprised they don't offer another retention payment after 5 years if they can't keep the people in!
Can't find a new DIN stating what you suggest. All I can find is the RNTM referring to the 5k GH. However, there may be a specific incentive for one of the trades when transferring from GS to SM, although these are usually of a higher value and subject to the usual tax etc etc. Perhaps there's a new RNTM and/or DIN coming out that hasn't hit the streets yet.


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Not seen/heard anything.

Have you asked your source to produce evidence of the claim? I wouldn't be surprised if there was a cash incentive introduced for those already serving GS, but credibility is the food of duff buzzes I guess.
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