Submariner deployments & medals?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by themonkeyg0d, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone in the know tell me whether it is possible for one submariner to have served during the following........

    Air Operations Iraq 1997 on HMS Spartan
    Kosovo 1999 on HMS Splendid
    Afghanistan 2001 on HMS Trafalgar
    Gulf War Two 2003 on HMS Splendid or HMS Turbulent

    Is that feasable achievement? Thus being entitled to 4 medals?
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    On a walt hunt?
  3. Kind of ha,ha,ha.

    But seen as you`ve taken the time to answer, maybe you could help me out with another one, how long in general did you guys spend on each sub?
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its possible.

    Around 36 months approx back then, but if he was in a branch with shortages he could have been bounced around boats.
  5. Many thanks thats a great help!!! 36 months bl**dy hell thats a long time. Would you be at sea for all that time?

    Who got smashed around the most trade wise (can you say)?

    Also what do you have to do to get your `dolphins` badge?

    Sorry if these questions are bone, but I`m a total land lubber.
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    RPO's & Choppers.

    Learn all about S/M systems & procedures. Pass a few walkrounds and boards.
  7. Why is it a long time? I was on Otter for 4 years, and our POLTO had been on there as an EM1 and left as a ChMEM(L) many many years later!

    You have to have completed Submarine part 1, part 2 join a submarine and complete a part 3

    Never mindno one will notice xx
  8. Thanks guys,

    Whats a RPO & chopper?

    Whats the longest you could serve on one boat?
  9. Depends on you.
    As I said I did four years on Otter our POLTO must have done all his submarine career on Otter.
    If you wanna stay on any one boat ask before you get drafted off

    RPO = Regulating Petty Officer or Reactor Panel Operator
    Chopper = mans willy or Helicopter
  10. Cheers.

    I assume the life of a submariner is that of a single man? What happens to your family whilst your at sea for years on end?
  11. Are you asking dopey questions on purpose?
    Why would you live the life of a single man?
    What do you think happens to your family whilst you are at sea?
    What happened to you when your dad went to work?
    Fer gawds sake a life of a submariner is no worse than being on a skimmer.
    On diesel boats we used to spend four months away from port two months alongside etc etc. Usual time on a boat was 27 months dunno what it is these days I'm sure some one will tell us.
  12. Draft lengths can vary. I did 5 years on Sovereign (2 consecutive sea drafts), a baby tiff (LMEA) joined the same day as me and left as the Charge Chief many moons later much like your POLTO Poly. I did 4 years on Traf 'cos there were no reliefs available. In fact my relief joined 6 months after I left.

    Edited to add I was on Traf in 2001 Monkeyman (and got the OSM Afghan) so PM me the name and I'll tell you if he was there but his medal collection is entirely feasible.
  13. Cheers guys, thats been a great help!!! No really it has. Sorry if my questions seemed a tad dopey, but my knowledge of the RN could be written on the back of a fag packet.

    With regards to the medal group, I was just curious as to whether it was possible.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!
  14. You say your RN knowledge is limited.
    It was even worse in the 60s and 70s there was no t'internet then!!
    Get down the recruiting office and ask the questions thats what they are there for. How do you think we found out grrrrr.

  15. Noted, many thanks for you time anyway.
  16. Sorry that retort of mine wasn't meant to be as harsh as it may seemed. Its just that you'll get a variety of answers to questions asked about these sort of questions and the guys in the Recruiting Offices should have their finger on the pulse and if they don't know again they should be able to find out.
    Bon chance with what ever you do.

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