Submariner Chef Career Progression

Really appreciate your insight. After seeing the age and comments of some of the other potential new recruits in yesterday’s live events it’s raised some concerns for me.


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I think you would be wise to review your options and career.

As the others, I don't see the move to the RN being a positive one in your current 'trade'. I could see you being at odds with the system!! The RN doesn't altogether get the best ingredients from the best sources as many a caterer will tell you. Somewhere on par with HMP!!!

It is a case of the grass may not be as green as you think it is. If you do choose the RN, do so with open eyes and don't have too high expectations of the cookery branch based on your current experience level.


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Thanks for your responses, it’s a move for stability and Structure the civilian industry doesn’t offer that at present. The navy seems to have so many other benefits in the sense of purchasing a home, sport and something my children can be proud of.
Just an idea, (and apologies if you've already looked into it), but have you considered the RFA?

Chris P

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Maybe it's time for a change of profession, see what else the mob might have to offer you, as others have said I think with your knowledge and experience you might find the chef/cook role soul destroying in the mob.

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