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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by oscar_the_grouch, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. I have been asked if I would like to attend an acquaint course for Submariners up in Scotland (didn’t give a exact location), obviously after the phone call I booked it off work and I am really looking forward to going but I have no idea what it will consist of or even where it is I have had a search but not come up with anything. If there is anyone who has been on one of these Submariner specific acquaint courses or maybe someone with genuine knowledge could give me an idea what will happen and where it is?

  2. It will be at Faslane
  3. witsend

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    You get to meet nice people like me. :D
  4. Take lots of this:

    And this if you have a bit of an snaggy side:
  5. I did wonder if thats where it would be, but didn't want to make assumptions

    Having read your previous posts I can only think you are being sarcastic :wink:
  6. This it is then 8O

    I misread that as saggy.
  7. The RNAC (N) is in Rosyth. For the subs visit you will be taken over to Faslane
  8. janner

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  9. Is this differen't from the RNAC?
  10. The carreers officer didnt really give many details just the date, that I would have to travel to Scotland and that it was for potential Submariners. Wasnt really sure what to expect just wanted some clarification.
  11. Oscar , my son is going on this type of course next month, he has received his letter and the course is called (RLALC) (SM) )Ratings Look at Life Course) (Submariner). It is held at the Royal Naval Acquaint Centre in HMS Caledonia.
    I have not heard of this course before so it may be a new one for potential submariners only.
    The course is shorter than the RNAC course which i believe is 4 days, the one my son is going on is from a Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning.
  12. Thank you. I should hopefully receive my letter soon too then. The dates he gave me are also Tuesday to Thursday next month might be on the same one.
  13. The RNAC's run 2 different "courses" one is a look at life in the service and the other is a look at the different branches (from memory of this afternoon)
  14. Oscar yes your letter should come through very soon, you will get a form to sign and return and you also have to give your clothing measurments for uniform, breifly on the letter it says you will be accommodated in a naval messdeck with fellow attendees and get to wear military uniform for the duration of the course, travel to and from the acquaint centre at MoD expense via a travel warrant and will be provided with free food.
    It says the aim of the course is to see what life in the RN is REALLY like with opportunity to experience RN physical training, visit a submarine, speak to current submariners and receive presentaions on other topics of interest.
    If you would like to message me the dates you are going i will let you know if my son is going at the same time.
    I see you are from Derby we are not a million miles away as regards the rail network, you may even end up on the same train !
  15. Heh, i asked my CA about this and he had absolutely no idea what i was talking about. Only that he had me signed up for a RNAC and we would be hopping over to faslane to look around a boat. I think you've got yourself in a muddle mate, my CA said caledonia only ever ran 1 course and that was the RNAC, for ALL ratings SM and SF.

    I'm going for SM aswell. ;)
  16. The only ones who can call themselves SF are STCs surely?
  17. Hopefully not Guz, the old skool STC's never boasted about being in the SF. If this is true I feel it would be those that have gone direct entry now. As we know those branches that were sideways entry but now direct entry i.e. divers, AC's etc think they are the dogs bollocks. I pray STC's haven't gone the same way
  18. It's been a while since I had anything to do with any STCs so my memory is slightly blurred. Point taken and thanks for the clarification.
  19. Personally every STC I met while I was 'badged' wanted nothing to do with the SF tag that people were bandying about. I can imagine the new batch of direct entrants would probably get a considerable beating from the old and bold STCs not to mention the SBS lads that they inevitably end up working with!

    Can you imagine big Taff P having his lads waltzing around Poole calling themselves SF? I think not. I know the dress regs are a bit more relaxed in the branch and the lads carry themselves well, but there are standards to be maintained. I seriously hope these haven't slipped since I left.

    Here is a cheeky little phot from when I was in, that's Taff second from left and I'm the good looking one in the middle.
  20. Is this what your CA has signed you up for? Only I was told that this course is for potential Submariners only. I might be wrong. Will have to wait and see.

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