Submarine Wreck Found

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by lsadirty, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Noticed this in the local weekly freebie:
    "An oceanographic survey company from Plymouth has discovered what is thought to be the wreck of a World War I submarine in the Western Approaches.
    GEOSA, based in Oreston, was helping to test a new seabed mapping sonar system when the mystery wreck appeared on-screen, lying in 90 metres of water.
    Managing director Captain Nigel Boston said it appeared the submarine had struck a mine. "It could be a German U-Boat, but looking at the faint shadow of the conning tower and casing form, it might be a version of the British "K Boat", some of which simply disappeared without trace."
    Any historians got any thoughts about its identity ?
  2. The Western Approaches are pretty big any data on the precise location?
    Believe there is a Wardmaster, who is an authority on submarine wrecks, Ken Baker I think. He appeared on the M1 documentary a while back.
  3. Loads sank in the North sea JD I can give you boats and dates. The only K boat was K5 went missing of the Scillies in 1921 after a mock submarine 'battle' .
  4. Sounds about right for the "Western Approaches" - presumably not all the mines were swept: still get the odd WWII one washed up down here after heavy storms. Will keep searching the local press and post any further details when they emerge.
    (Thanks for the link, Soleil, the paper didn't give one.)

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