Submarine Warfare Officer


Hello there everybody, i am hoping to join the submarine service as a warfare officer and was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions i have?

How long into their career would it take to get posted on a sub?

What are warfare officers roles on a sub?

What other duties do they have?

What are the average age of submarine commanders?

Thanks for any help.


I am not a submarine officer but have several friends who rose to the top in the submarine service I admire your ambition

Suggest you take one step at a time there are a few hurdles to overcome before joining submarines

Have you been to the submarine museum at Gosport ? If no then make it a priority

Look on the web for details at

Learn to love Scotland especially Helensburgh You will spend a lot of your submarine service time based there

Are you good at mathematics ?
Can you do mental arithmetic ?
Do you have a scientific background ?

a) Visit your local RN careers office to find out more about officer careers

b) Ensure you have the necessary education qualifications to become a naval officer

c) If you have the time apply to join and spend time in the Royal Naval Reserve you will then find out whether you have the aptitude for the Navy and most important of all whether you like the naval life

d) You need the education and the ability to pass the Admiralty Interview Board

d) Then you have to complete your initial officer training and pass out from Dartmouth

see this site guide for young officers.htm

e) Then complete and successfully pass your continuation professional naval training

If you have proved that you have the necessary qualities you may then be selected for submarine training

If you are successful in the above you can then go to sea in a submarine and in performing your duties need to show your aptitude for command and suitability for promotion

In order to command a submarine you need to pass the Commanding Officers Qualifying course known as “The Perisherâ€

see these sites for more info

There is no quick and easy path to submarine command Hope this gives you some ideas

There are many others who have trod this path before hopefully they can add their contribution

Good luck


Excellent help- thanks!

One other question- do the RN run acquaint courses for potential submariners? I know they do for other specialisations.