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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by LDLJ27, Dec 1, 2012.

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  1. Hey,

    I was just wondering what the average tour length(actual time at sea) was on a sub and what the day to day communication were on board eg email,phoning or skypeing home?

    Many Thanks
  2. We communicate by using the search button.
  3. Skyping? Forget that dinosaur communication. Each submariner is given their own ipad to do face to face with.
  4. Those ipads are a godsend. There was an initial issue with the wifi signal when deep, but then BT stuck that hotspot offshore and now the signal is ok, not great, but ok. Enough to get a message home at least. Doubles as a keystream too which is nice.
  5. Good enough to stream HD porn?
  6. The day to day communication on my last boat was mainly grunts and fartswith a lot of, kinell, koff and ksake thrown in to emphasise the point

  7. What? You had back-afties that could speak?
  8. Is the signal strong enough to send secrets to the Russians?
  9. Easy tiger

  10. Took a while, but I knew I'd get one!:blob3:
  11. I like to make your day complete :)

  12. Thanks, can you pop round and do the washing up!

    And fed the dogs.

    And cats.
  13. Sorry , mis-read the post. I've just fed your cats to the dogs..ferkin messy it was an' all.
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