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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by RNMA, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Hey guys. Thanks for all the advice that you have given me in a previous topic, which has greatly helped me through the joining process this far. This one is slightly different. I have my selection interview next week and i'm joining as an MA submariner. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with some usefull tips and things to say/help me pass this interview? I'm currently researching everything possible about submarines and the royal navy in general to show i have some knowledge of what i'm going for and my commitment to this career path, but as you guys have sat this interview before, what sort of questions will i be asked?

    thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.
  2. My son was interviewed for nearly 2 hours on everything you can think of,from family issues to what kind of sport he was into,they also like you to have a bit of basic knowledge about the trade you are going in for.

    I thought the interview was just a formality,but it is the most crucial part of your joining up process as the Chief told me afterwards,as they have the final say so as to if you are suitable for the Senior Service,so be aware and dont be late and go in you best Bib and Tucker.

    Good Luck,you wont regret it.
  3. As mentioned already, look tidy, and just relax as they want to see the real "you" and get an idea of what sort of person you are.
  4. Hi

    i had my interview for ET(MESM) about a month ago, and i was asked about everything really! from my family life though to school and work, why i wanted to join the navy, why submarines, why my particular choice of career, i was also asked questions on the functions of the navy, about the training, where it is, what type of training it is. i was also asked about the different types of boats and where they are stationed and their roles. my advise is dress smart, be honest and be relaxed! i quite enjoyed mine!
    hope this helps!!!!

  5. My interview was a bit false to be honest. I used to be a bootneck and the person giving me the interview was a WO bootnek. He spent over an hour telling me to lose weight and trying to con me back to the corps
  6. He was right about the losing weight bonoedge, you make chappie look anorexic.
  7. Have I upset you Bill? lol
  8. They will be looking for two things, have you the ability to do the job, your shipmates will have to trust you to get it right every time without supervision, and will you fit in. Submariners are moderately picky about who they share their tin box with.

    Good luck.

  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    They certainly are Peter, look at this well turned out crew Submarine Alaric 1964ish,

    Interesting times, the group photo includes Brits, Aussies, a Canadian and a Channel Islander, at the same time we had a two ringer from what was then Rhodesia (he disappeared when they went UDI)
  10. My they are a well turned out lot, not a drop of paint in sight on any ones rig.

    Any one remeber the three bag laundry system?

  11. Hey guys, thanks for that advice. sorry for the late reply getting back to yous but i had my interview last month and past it. Couldn't believe it lasted over 2hrs. It was a right grilling and i honestly thought i'd failed, but thankfully i got through and past my medical since that time. Just waiting on the fitness test and hopefully i'll be away to HMS Raleigh in no time! :lol:
  12. If no time is 4 months you'll be at raleigh in no time. Done my fittness test begining of march. No prize for guessing who's still sat at home in front of a pc. And it,s not burnside's dog.
  13. Peter

    So smart it must have been the first day out. Paint what is that, if its not matt black its not paint.

  14. Pondwater, sometimes it does take a long time. A mate of mine has been waiting now for over 8 months since he completed his entry stages. I was also told by the recruitment office that the security clearance for guys from NI can take up to 12months to go through, even though the "troubles" are supposed to be over. But it also depends on which branch your going into. the longest i was told was 2yrs, but i can't remember which one that was.
  15. Bailey I am surprised at you telling bonoedge he makes chappie look anorexic. The last time I looked at you, I thought I heard your buttons SCREAMING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  16. In fairness, the security clearance should only take 6 mths max, and during that time you are supposed to get everything else out of the way. The NI issue isn't really an issue now, as we all go through the same process now
  17. Thats exactly what i thought. But i was just saying what i was told during my initial interview, however the person that told me that seems to have gone as i haven't seen him about the place since. I never really believed that it would take up for a year for me anyway, i'm always the optimist and thought maybe around 4months would be the timescale. The good news being that i should expect it through within a month or so, lol. The only other part that through me was the clearance for my neighbour took that long, however he was joining the army so maybe its different for them. I don't know, but i'm just really hoping that i'll be gone before the end of the year, and considering the process started in march, i'm hoping that i'm being realistic to be gone by december????? Assuming there's no difficulties ofcourse.
  18. Ha.. that is the time I am aiming for as well.. but like you said, if all goes well and there are no problems

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