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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Bearing Rate, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. Anybody heard of a possible significant increase to this supplement? Hearing lots of rumours, but nothing substantial yet!
  2. I've heard it's going up to £25 a day (tax free) but only for Engineers!
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  3. Yes I heard the same figure, however I also heard if your going to pay Paul, Peter is going to get a right bumming :)
  4. Why, single cabins en suite?

    Don't believe all they tell you :)

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  5. PARA 3.17 ( I think) mentions something

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  6. *sigh*

    Para 3.17 says:

    3.17. Except where we have made recommendations for certain key groups (such as Explosive
    Ordnance Disposal Operators and Royal Marine Mountain Leaders), all rates of SP have
    been frozen for the past two years, under the public sector pay freeze. MOD believed
    that the freeze diminished the value of SP as a recruitment and retention incentive.
    As the majority of SP-earning cadres are considered to be operationally essential, MOD
    proposed that we recommend an increase to the rates of SP in line with any overall pay
    award. We are content to endorse this proposal. We note however that it is not MOD’s
    intention to apply such a standard uplift in future years: under the new arrangements for
    review of individual cadres, described below, MOD anticipates the possibility of
    differential changes where appropriate.

    Submarine Supplement isn't a Specialist Pay, it is, as the name suggests, a supplement - I refer you to my previous :roll:
  7. A few month back commander flip flop obe CBC TNT whatever his name was, held a conference in the mess, he said a pay rise is in the pipe line some time soon.

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  8. He may well have done, but it still isn't in Para 3.17 buddy
  9. Fair enough, but I think the powers that be will be doing something soon to prevent people leaving.

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  10. you know, it really isn't that simple. These things have to be put before a tri service committee etc and be voted in - it would be great if the RN could just, carte blanche, bring in pay rises for certain cadres, but hat just doesn't happen. All 3 PPOs have to agree, after consultation with their respective PPO teams etc - this takes a long time to bring in. 2SL has a certain amount he can award, off his own (by that read, on recommendation through lots of staff work and hours of meetings) back, but this doesn't cover 'pay rises' this only allows for a certain amount of FRIs per financial year.

    All i'll say is, don't hold your breath (in fact, always breath out on the way up :wink: )
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  11. It all seems strange to me, in the 60's 70's and 80's when I was in boats we had SSP (Special Service Pay) SM. Once qualified you received it everyday until you left boats. At one stage I kept my submarine pay for the 2 years I was instructing at Raleigh. I also kept it for the 6 months when on course at Chatham, transfering from chef to caterer. The day I passed the course I was transfered to GS and my boats pay stopped. Seemed a much fairer system.
  12. The same system applies today, more or less (reserve band rates are applicable after a certain period in non-SM positions). The OP was referring to the Submarine Pay Supplement; this is an additional payment, on top of RRP(SM) (formerly known as SSP(SM)), which is paid to seagoing submariners.
  13. This rumour has been doing the rounds quite a bit recently. Until this years AFPRB report is issued and the JSP for pay and allowances is updated, then it is just that a galley range dit. Especially the £25 TAX FREE! It may well rises as I think the pay freezes will be removed this year (my opinion) but that may well be the extent of it.
  14. can anyone really see a 5x increase in SM Supplement? I mean, you cant even get steaming bats most of the time in stores.

    what gets me about trying to keep people in and throwing money at the problem.....

    nearly all submariners are very well paid. not many people complain about the money so money is not going to really fix the problem

    micro management, being recalled from league for utterly stupid reasons, gash routines and the intense pressure to get 25 year old submarines to sea yesterday and so forth is what is causing people leaving. You only have to look at some of the utterly horrendous watchbills and wonder why anyone would actually volunteer to do the job in the first place.

    as with the £50k bonus for WE senior rates, it wont really solve anything. as demonstrated by the immediate revision of those eligible for said bonus

    in short, money is not the problem, so it most certainly will not be the answer
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  15. Money is the problem, just on a much grander scale. We are trying to continue doing all the stuff we always have on a much tighter defence budget, so we have many less units doing more. It's all fine and dandy saying ships can be away for longer periods as they need less maintenance but when you've worked out the size of the navy manpower based on the number of hulls it is difficult to flex the manning to get people time off. So big picture it is money that's the problem. It may not solve the problem but while the navy can't change its routines and working practices it the only real lever to make people happier they have.

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  16. I would suggest some of the working practices and routines could easily change and they cost the RN nothing. Not one penny.

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