Submarine Soliloquy


Lantern Swinger
Took a copy of this many years ago and recently came across it in the bottom of a drawer at home. I believe it was penned by a WWII submariner whilst on patrol. Defo worth sharing...even if you've seen it before.

Submarine Soliloquy
Slowly stealthily, submarine Sealion slips submerging silently. She searches sectors, seeking sonar sounds. Submariners sweating, some swearing, some sleeping, seeking surface ship’s salient screws. Suddenly sensitive sonar senses something sinister. Scope scanning surface sees several ships serenely steaming southwards, seemingly safe.

Setting set, six shudders, six self-propelled single shots seek selected ships. Seconds slowly soothe submariner’s solitude. Six salutary sounds signify success. Ships sinking, survivors screaming. Suddenly screws scorching sea show searchers successfully sensed submarine. Silently submarine seeks safe surroundings. Speed six, steering south she shakes savage searchers. Submariners sigh solemnly. Slowly silently, Sealion surfaces, seeks shelter, safely secured starboard side sister ship. Successful sortie says submarine schedule.
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