Submarine ship life shifts

Sorry if this has been posted before but i Cant find anything on the forums and the search doesn't give any results.

I know that life on board subs works in shifts. I am just wondering what the shift pattern is like. (How many hours on how many off)

I am looking at WS (sound)

Also is the shift pattern the same for all the boat or do different rolls have different shifts

I know that people will moan about answering something thats probably been answered before but any help would be appreciated


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You’d be FWD so your watchbill would likely be 6hours on 6hours off whilst at sea.

One of the experienced guys will likely be along to confirm/correct at some point


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As LTP said, you'll be working a 6 on/6 off shift pattern (or 1 in 2) at sea based around mealtimes. 1st watch being 0700 - 1300 & 1900 - 0100, 2nd watch unsurprisingly then being 0100 - 0700 & 1300 - 1900. All fwd watchkeepers work the same routine. Back afties work different patterns.

I will caveat the above statement by saying it applies to SSN's. I'm led to believe that SSBN's (who used to run a 1 in 3 watchbill) now work 1 in 2, but don't quote me - I've managed to stay well clear.


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MESM watches? West Country routine worked nicely (forenoon, first, afternoon, middle, dogs, morning, long off) brilliant if you went nocturnal.