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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BMurray, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Just looking for some insight into the submarine service. Is demand for submariners still high? I went to my local office last year to find out more and was told that there is a shortage for the service, just want to know if that is still the fact today.

    I joined the navy in 2001 (Jan) but PVR'd. Some things went wrong in my life at that point. Any way when I went last year to find out on how to re-join and I was told that I would have to send away for records. I did this but it took about 12-13 weeks for the papers to come through. Got them

    I am looking for some info from anyone in the submarine service to find out what job role is best for me.

    Can anyone help by telling me a little about there job? You know good points and bad, role, what class of sub to go for etc...
  2. B Murray

    A search of this site will reveal many posts on this type of question. I am long out but I have gathered from recent posts that Submariners in most branches are still in great demand. In fact if you get a card and submit it with a serving bods name he can get a bonus as you will on completion of part three training.

    Most boats will be stationed in Faslane Scotland in the near future, unless Scotland declares Independence then all bets are off. Until then boats are also based at Plymouth. You can make your preference known but you will be drafted to the type they need numbers on.

    SSBN Trident Missile boats based in Scotland 5 odd months on crew then 5 odd months off crew. Stable and predictable life for married man. Little or no visits to foreign Ports

    SSN Based at Faslane and Plymouth, deployments away from base for 6 to 9 months but it appears you get leave home in this period. Get to visit various ports world wide which allow nuclear submarines to berth.

    That's about the basics. The young bloods will tell you more.


  3. Only you can really know your strengths and weaknesses, you need to ask yourself are you,

    Practical (marine engineer)
    Studious (Weapons engineer)
    Good communicator (CIS)
    Organised (LOGs)
    Attention to details (WS Tactical or Sonar)

    All of the skills mention you will need for every role mention but will have to be strongest for those particular jobs, there are lots more jobs you can do in the Submarine Service this is just some, just go into your AFCO and have a chat with one of the resident SM’s.

    And yes there is still a shortage of SM’s we just had and open day in Mackenzie Squadron at HMS Raleigh trying to steal people from other branches!!

    AB Hardman BEng ETWE(SM)
  4. Although nothing is guaranteed, it’s a fair bet that if you join up as an ETWE(SM) within the next year or two you’ll end up in an SSBN.

  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There is a change forthcoming for those joining as WS(SM) for those interested:

    For Warfare Specialist (Submariner) (WS(SM)) branches, it has been decided that with effect from next month, streaming into either the Sonar (WS S (SM) or Tactical (WS T (SM) branches will occur prior to entry rather than in-Service.

    It is planned that HMS RALEIGH will begin training the new WS S (SM) and WS (TSM) branches commencing with May 08 entries.

    WS S (SM) will require a slightly better hearing standard than that required for WS T (SM)

    As a Warfare Specialist Sonar Submariner (WS S (SM)) or Warfare Specialist Tactical Submariner (WS T (SM)) you will be right at the core of a submarine team. Submarines provide unique stealth and firepower for the Royal Navy, and you will be trained to the highest possible standards to operate the weapons and defensive systems on board. Your skills will enable the submarine's Command Team to make the tactical decisions needed in day-to-day operations and in the heat of battle.

    As a WS T (SM), your responsibilities will include:

    * Tracking potential targets using a variety of on-board electronic sensors

    * Operating on-board computer systems to maintain the accuracy of the submarine's navigation and ensure the submarine remains undetected.

    As a WS S (SM), your responsibilities will include:

    * Operating sonar equipment.

    * Detecting and locating other ships and submarines by using both the passive (listening) and active (transmitting pings) sonar systems.

    All WS, whether they are S (SM) or T (SM) will carry out a range of more general duties. These will include handling ropes and wires to assist in securing the submarine when coming alongside or leaving port and acting as a member of the submarine's guard force when alongside equipped with the SA80 rifle. Like all submariners regardless of rank or branch/specialisation such as firefighting and all other aspects of submarine safety.

    After basic training, you will then commence your professional training. The first three weeks include Submarine escape drills, personal weapons courses and firefighting. Professional training for WS S (SM) lasts 18 weeks; WS T (SM) lasts 14 weeks and both courses take place at the Submarine School also located at HMS RALEIGH.

    All WS S (SM) or (TSM) are trained so that they can recognise every system on your submarine and fully understand the safety routines and procedures. After an examination to confirm that you have obtained the unique knowledge of a Submariner, you will win your Dolphins - the badge that shows you are a Submariner.

    Once you have qualified, you will then spend about six months on board a submarine where you will get experience of each of the key jobs in your department. Once your basic skills are consolidated, you will be ready for your first job at sea.
  6. From the above Ninja, has the fore ends been handed over to the amp tramps, as you didn't mention any weapon handling, and for the tasks you did mention nice soft hands are required, not something you ever got in the forends, even an SSN fore ends.
  7. How long have you been out maxi? Forendies have been WE since I joined (just started 2oe) the days of UW are long gone and the forendies nowadays aint what they used to be.
  8. All good info. Thanks.

    "In fact if you get a card and submit it with a serving bods name he can get a bonus as you will on completion of part three training"

    Can this still be done? If so any offers? First come, first serve...
  9. Does this mean I wont have the choice of a SSN?
  10. Oh I've been out a long long time TI, my last dive was the dress rehearsal for Andrews last surface gun action. Now UWs were the salt of the earth.
  11. count me in, got a bag full in the office. pm me and ill send you some.
  12. You’ll get to state your preference, but at the end of the day the needs of the service will determine if you get your choice.

  13. Maxi 77 we must have met as I was the LRO on Andrew during her last GAS, until she decommissioned in 75. The forendies (UWs) were tops as were the rest of the crew right up to the Skipper.
  14. most of the guys here (Mackenzie Squadron) who wanted WS T or S got what they wanted, now north or south thats the tough one! quite a few end up going north when they wanted south.
  15. Just to be clear, I’m talking about ET (WESM) and no other branch. Unless senior management are lying, I’m under the impression that a large number of WESMs (joining in the next year or two) will end up in V boats.

  16. You have PM.

    I am currently employed in Phase two training (submarines) and am happy to communicate and assist wherever necessary...

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