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I am in the application pipeline for MEO (I have posted before regarding this) and are wondering if current/past serving members could shine a light on their thoughts of the Submarine service? How are they regarded by the rest of the RN and wider forces?

I initially applied for surface MEO but the Submarine service was highlighted to me and I have taken an interest to it.


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There's loads of them on here, pretty sure one will answer when they see your post.
Personally, never had any dealings with them, so I can't comment.


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Not sure about officers but there is always friendly rivalry between submariners and surface dwellers.

There's nothing wrong with skimmers, every submariner should have one :)

On a serious note what does it matter what other people think of you?



Thanks for the response! I wasnt thinking how would people think of me per say, more if there were any red flags only service personel knew about, but werent made public :)


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No red flags, put another way, on a submariner engineers cv he/she has nuclear qualifications, surface fleet has gas turbines and even crabs have that.


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It's interesting that you say you originally applied for Surface Fleet MEO. You're not the first ME Officer Entrant who will arrive (if and when you do arrive) thinking they've been streamed either GS or SM.

The truth is that the decision about which WE and ME entrants are streamed GS or SM is made at BRNC according to the training pipeline requirements for that entry. The AIB should be aware of this.

As to your question; you need to decide which role will give you the most satisfaction. With a potentially long career ahead of you your decision needs to be based on you and what you think, not on any 'red flags' or anyone else's thoughts.

(Plus, I'm not sure what you mean by 'red flags'; and I'm not aware of anything other than the usual friendly rivalry that you might expect).


Hi there,

Thanks for the reply. To clarify "red flags" I didnt mean anything bad as such, more knowledge serving members of the Navy wish they had before they made their branch decision. Maybe red flag is the incorrect term to use.

Further, I wasnt aware you could be restreamed to surface if thats where they need you. Is this common to not go to the branch you aimed for?


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The branch is engineering, whether its boats or surface, what you specialise in within the branch is a different matter.


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Hi there,

......I wasnt aware you could be restreamed to surface if thats where they need you. Is this common to not go to the branch you aimed for?
It’s not a case of being restreamed, that’s my point. Whatever AIB May say you are to all intents & purposes ‘unstreamed’ when you arrive at BRNC.

The training pipeline manager will detail the requirement for GS and SM Engineers, which is passed to BRNC.

Let’s say there are 18 Cadets that have joined as ME; it could be that 11 are required for GS and 7 for SM. The decision about who is streamed into each is made at BRNC.
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