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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Dr_Acula, May 13, 2011.

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  1. I'm going off to Dartmouth mid-September to train as a Warfare Officer (Submariner). I didn't choose this (I chose general service) and at first I was slightly apprehensive that I wouldn't like it, but I've come around to the idea now. (I'm also aware that this role isn't set in stone and can change over the course of my training).

    Anyway, I was looking at the commanding officers of current surface fleet (I was very bored) for an idea of where their career had taken them. It would appear that a small majority of them are actually ex-Submariners.

    Is this merely a coincidence or are Submariner's careers more readily progressed because there are fewer of them?
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its more a case of Submariners of all ranks being vastly superior to their Skimmer counterparts

    Going deep
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  3. Are you sure you're not biased?

    Also, how often do submarines stop off for a run ashore? I can't imagine submarines ever making time for it!
  4. There's plenty of time for runs ashore (SSN's only) plus if you've passed perisher, running a skimmer is childs play.

    Interesting phrase you use " It would appear that a small majority of them are actually ex-Submariners"

    How does that work then?

    Edited to add you normally get at least one run ashore as you have to store ship every 3 months, also depends on what hotels are available, don't want to be spending your own money.

    Last 6 month deployment East of Suez I did we had runs ashore in Crete (twice), Diego Garcia, Mombasa and Bahrain. Not as many as our skimmer friends but they didn't get hotels and subsistance :winkrazz:
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  5. A small majority just means that whilst there were more people with Dolphins, it wasn't an overwhelming amount.

    I can take it out if you're having problems with it :p:

    Have you any ideas what the pre-requisites are for the Perisher course?
  6. Notable that (after a suitable period of 'immersion') the Non-Vol. often became more salty than some of the Vols.
  7. There's threads on here covering that but basically you do Basic Warfare Course to be a dogsbody, Intermediate Warfare Course to become Navigating Officer etc then Advanced Warfare Course to become a watch leader and then if your good enough and get recommended you can get on to perisher. Piece of piss really!!! (and I've edited my previous post)
  8. Everyone feels the same way about their first mess bumming. Enjoy being a submariner.
  9. The first step is to be totally cured of any symptons of mysophobia.
  10. Aye, the Bosun's Mates on A boats are particularly superior and more trustworthy than the lads on skimmers.

    Too soon?
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  11. I had to google that :oops:
  12. And I should have Googled 'symptoms' .............Sp. FAIL.=-(
  13. I suppose a small majority is bigger than a small minority :slow:

    Just to add also is that many grunters :snorting: choose to not do / or not made the grade :withstupid: for Perisher and find themselves back in skimmers as a natural career progression w/out s/m pay. Also those that FAIL perisher are 'booted out' of submarines "sudden death' style and return to GS.

    Generally the highest rank is Cdr, although there has been/is the occasional 4 ringer on bombers or first of class. I remember 2 ringer skippers on diesel boats but then we had loads of boats and perishers were a constant happening with the Chileans and Brazilians having 'O' boats as well as our cousins. My second skipper on Turbs (I had three) was a two and a half. It is not uncommon to see a s/m or pilot CO in GS.

    Friday night see yerzzz :party:
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    An act for you to follow, yet sadly his fine RN CV doesn't tell you whether he was a Vol. or Non-Vol. for Boats.
  15. ========================================


    Thanks Sol,

    His answer to this one should be posted as a Sticky on your Newbies Forum::

    <<What do you prize in new recruits?

    Attitude, determination, loyalty, commitment and, possibly most important, a sense of humour.>>

  16. of course, the 4 year job of XO after completing Perisher, when allied to the utter lack of shore jobs when a senior Lt/junior Lt Cdr does mean that quite a few guys choose to step back to GS instead of staying in boats. Interestingly, I had a CO who failed Perisher, and is now 2 ranks higher than any of his SM contemporaries; just goes to show it's not a career killer the SM Service make it out to be.
  17. Submariner's tend to think so, ref your comment about CO's of the current surface fleet during my time on ASW frigates I had a few CO's who were or had been Submariners, Set a Thief to catch a thief was part of the reasoning.
  18. %5B(1237)-09-12-2005%5Dbn.jpg

    So did BN, was a LT when I served with him

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