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Submarine School (2011). Follow the story of the Royal Navy's legendary Perisher Course, "How to Command a Nuclear Submarine" charts the progress of five young officers putting their careers on the line in their bids to qualify to command a nuclear submarine. Set during the four-week sea phase, the students are put through extreme stress as they face every possible scenario that modern submarines may encounter.

Submarine School (2011)
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For all those wishing to watch Submarine School (2011) TV series, here is the full episodes synopsis.

S01E01 – For Your Eyes Only

Aired 21st June 2011 - Introduction to the five young officers who are taking part in the Perisher Course as they begin the all-important sea phase of the course. It’s straight in at the deep end as the face one of the toughest training exercises ever devised, called “Eyes Only”. Basically, using only a periscope and a stop watch they must play “chicken” with charging warships. The object is to dive if and when a warship gets dangerously close. There’s a very real danger of calamitous collision and Teacher must take over more than once to swiftly dive the submarine out of danger. The students also face the seemingly straightforward task of loading and unloading specialist reconnaissance troops, dropped by helicopter into a remote Scottish sea loch. The dress rehearsal turns to farce and the students must get their act together fast or face the chop.

S01E02 – Lurking In The Shadows

Aired 22nd June 2011 - The five Perisher students take on a new challenge that is a crucial part of modern submarine operations – they will be sneaking around in dangerously shallow waters conducting reconnaissance missions and dropping sensors across the mouths of harbours. The pressure ramps up even higher when a group of military top brass come onboard to gauge their progress, including two of Britain’s highest ranking submariners who waste no time throwing spanners into the works. For one student the pressure gets too much and five Perishers are reduced to four.

S01E03 – Total War

Aired 28th June 2011 - The four remaining Perisher students face a totally new scenario as they take part in one of NATO's largest naval exercises off the west coast of Scotland. Working under orders from flagship HMS Ark Royal they must command HMS Triumph as she takes on deadly “opponents”, including almost identical Royal Navy submarine HMS Turbulent. As the pretend battle rages through the night the trainee commanders must make best use of their sonar technology, keep their crew fully focused on the task in hand and devise winning strategies. As always one false move could see any fail the course.

S01E04 – The Final Reckoning

Aired 29th June 2011 - The students have to deal with one of the most toughest tests yet in their efforts to pass the Perisher course and become fully qualified.