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Submarine recruiting Ad


For those that haven't seen it yet, heres the latest "Made in the RN" ad ( it went live on social media at 11am this morning and live on Sky sports TV this even, during some footy game), it wil run til mid Sept

Kind Regards



War Hero
Didn't know where he was? All he had to do was look at the chart table! And there is only one pole you can surface at!

Otherwise.... meh.... a bit Merrygun-ified.


War Hero
Didn't know where he was? All he had to do was look at the chart table! And there is only one pole you can surface at!

Otherwise.... meh.... a bit Merrygun-ified.
For a non sludgemariner I thought it was very good - may well get those who have never thought anything of the Submarine Service or it's existence interested ??


War Hero
All he didn't say was, "if I tell you I'll have to kill you".

So all we have to do is follow Ciaran from Tee Side!! Then we can tell him where he's been.


War Hero
Pfff sundodgers will be trying to trap now with the line “ yeah luv im basically James bond init”
Nothing new there, my ex skippers trapping line was I drive the Royal Navies newest nuclear submarine, seemed to do ok.


Book Reviewer
Didn't need a trapping line back in the day, or Dolphins, just rig run, Submarine Cap Tally, but I think the main attraction was the overpowering aroma of Diesel.


War Hero
Ha not a nice word to say about wafu’s.....pretends to be one at the bar....
You got it!!!
Took one stoker pilot on a jolly!!
We only got in the hover and he was screaming for us to land and let him out!!
Never had a peep out of him again!!!

Chris P

Lantern Swinger
You got it!!!
Took one stoker pilot on a jolly!!
We only got in the hover and he was screaming for us to land and let him out!!
Never had a peep out of him again!!!
Other end of the scale we had a stoker aircrew diver in the mess - 845 on the Bulwark - 'Geordie B' is he on here?


War Hero
Not quite the same, SB.
The former place is toppers with PJs who hate Jack, the latter place reverses those occupants and their positions,

Being once both I'm surprised you had forgotten...
Actually,I'm going to bite big time here. And please, I'm not going all snowflakey!!

That COULD be construed as a racial slur / hate statement in some parallel universe. I've been called a PJ and a FRISP and other funny things, like Porrige Wog - all part of the banter. But these days........ could be seen as being racist. If I can't call a person of colour a n******, why can somebody call me PJ?

Yes, there are some numpties in the 'Burg who 'hate' the English. They also 'hate' Protestants / Catholics, Rangers / Celtic (delete as required) and if they are employed, the irony is it is probably in or relies on the Base.

There are many in the Base who 'hate' being in Faslane, mainly prompted by comments on pages such as our's and other RN sites. OK Faslane is a bit out of the way, but if one gets off their arse and looks around, anything is possible sports and social wise. However, it will not come looking for you and you are advised to have personal transport, which is not possible if you are on a ship/boat visit. I knew of a few Eng Support chiefs who were non-submariners - who had ASKED for Faslane because of the unique facilities offered in their areas of interest.

On at least two occasions I had a cabin in the Base accommodation as there was so much going on it was more convenient than staying in the family house in the Burg.

Rant over - God that feels good.
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