submarine planes

Got rounded on by a know all in the pub who said I should know why subs in the USA have the planes on the conning tower whilst the UK[and maybe the russkies?] have them on the forward casing.
Although I done a fair bit of RN service I've never been on a sub or even stood on one.
Perhaps some submariner can enlighten me as too the advantages and disadvantages of each sytem then I can rest easy as the pubs old seadog again.Cheers.


Lantern Swinger
The Germans had a gyro copter during WWII for spotting enemy shipping, I believe rod-gearing is right that the M2 carried an aircraft but she sank. The only other piece of hardware fitted to a couple of 'A' boats was SLAM = Submarine Launched Air Missile with the idea of shooting down helo's whilst the boat was at PD. There is a book STRIKE from beneath the sea by Terry C Treadwell which gives information of all submarines which carried aircraft,

thanks for the replies and links.I guess I got some descriptions of the message wrong but remember, I said I've never been on one or known anything about submarines
Any submariners who feel slighted!well that's life get over it,plenty things on a carrier I could mention that you would not know,but thanks anyway.
I'll try and find out the pros and cons of the hydroplanes position.
seafarer1939 said:
I'll try and find out the pros and cons of the hydroplanes position.
AfterSSEs link provides as good an explanation as you will find anywhere. Sometimes the foreplanes were clutched out to reduce the use of hydraulic pressure and pump running time, as well as for quietness.

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