Discussion in 'Submariners' started by lsadirty, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Was having a clean out this morning and came across a load of B & W boat photies, mostly official that someone might like to have.

    RENOWN (undated)

    8 1/4 X 5 1/2
    REVENGE (May 1970)

    8 3/4 X 6 1/2
    WARSPITE (21 July 1969 - 2, 1 aerial)
    SPARTAN - 4, 1979 I think)
    REVENGE (May 1970 at Cape Canaveral)
    SOVEREIGN (13 May 1975)
    RESOLUTION (1970, with Sea King)
    RENOWN (1969)
    SUPERB (undated)

    8 X 10
    CHURCHILL (undated)
    REPULSE (May 1968, in sea lock, Barrow)
    SWIFTSURE (undated)
    VALIANT (pre-launch)
    VANGUARD (night shot on the ramp at Vickers. Colour)
    WARSPITE (immediately post-launch)
    REVENGE (head on, close up)
    RESOLUTION (15 January 1980)
    SPARTAN (launch, 7 April 1978)

    PM me for any you want.
  2. Stick them on Ebay.
  3. Isadirty,

    Janner may be interested in your collection of boat pics
    for his web site.

  4. Sooner they went to someone who has a connection to the boats. I got'em for free, why make a profit ?

    JB (not an MP)
  5. Izzy

    How about lifting then onto the Gallery before you get rid of them. I could do this but you would have to send them to Spain or perhaps Thingy or another would post them up. That way all can enjoy or copy these pictures and a few lucky people/person can enjoy the hard copies on their or some public wall.


    PM me if you wish to post them to me. They can then be sold or passed on to other submariners. Even auctioned for the Submariners Association or another similar organisation.
  6. Give the money to Help for Hero's
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer


    I would be interested in putting on the Dorset Submariners website, I am trying to build up the gallery for future reference

    Good scanned pics of boats, depot ships or submarine related items gratefully received and acknowledgement given on the site.

    The same goes for anyone that has this type of pic. I think we need to make them accessable to all.

    Its a slow job, not just because of other commitments, but getting people to send in stuff. Have a look at the gallery HERE it will give some idea of what we are after.

    Theres also a few dits HERE
    which some may find interesting, also on the look out for them to add to the site

    Edit to add email brihod at btinternet. com
  8. Why not give them to the submarine school at Raleigh? It'd be nice for us newer submariners to see what these boats were like and you know they'll always be looked after.
  9. Arranging for them to be uploaded to the gallery, then they'll be available - first come first served.
  10. Good Man take a very large Tot

  11. IsaD
    hope they are Ok for downloading from the Gallery theres a couple I may want to copy .

    Big black and boatiful :lol:

    Happy times anyway

  12. Apologies for late reply.

    Wife in hospital (Fell out of the loft), so been a bit busy.

    Am getting these photos p.m. 1 Jun and will scan them in late
    evening when I get back from visiting.

    They will be available for perusal then.

  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Did she fall or was she pushed????????

    Hope things are going well for her mate and heres to a speedy recovery

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