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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Rich1, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Within the sub ops branch I know that the main role is SSN tasking and safety from HQ positions; do RNR ever get to serve on SSN's/SSBN's in this branch?
    Is it possible for RNR to get dolphins?
  2. In a word... nope.

    F_J :-(
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, it's always about gongs and decorations with you lot, innit?! 8O :wink:
  4. I´ll sell you a special set of my gold plated ones, personally presented to me by the Queen.

    Well, it worked with the Elmers!!!
  5. If you want the dolphins, don't sit on the fence playing weekend warriors.

    Join and be a part.

    It's the difference between talking about it and doing it.
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Says the man with shiny new badges designed just for "special people" :) :wink:
  7. Got it in one Bunts lol
  8. Still await an answer from the currently serving:

    "I cannot see what having "Naval Police" on your slide adds to the Office or recognition, do not WO's and CPO's still wear a branch badge on the collar. It would appear to be logical all branches should have their in house occupation on the slide i.e. "Supply Chain Logistician" etc. If this cannot be justified by our contributing Reggie's I can see no reason for the "Naval Police" slides other than another manifestation of the must have another badge syndrome?????????????????????????.

  9. "I am the Weekend Sailor, and Jack is scared of me ...
    I’ve fought a million battles and, I’m always home in time for tea.

    When I was but a spotty youth, and tired of being ignored
    I suddenly thought to myself.."now why are you so bored?"
    I wanted a nice uniform, some medals and some cash,
    So I went to my local RNR unit, and was soon dragged out on the lash

    Oh yes I am a weekend Sailor, and Jack is scared of me,
    Cos I’ve hardly done any training and I’ve never even been to sea. :D

    Well I’ve been at the unit, for a wee while now,
    And I must say I'm enjoying every day.
    So long as you don't mind the traveling and don't expect to be paid.
    The training we get is minimal, but the crack is second to none.
    And it’s off to the shops every April to find something to spend our bounty on. :D

    Oh yes I am the weekend sailor, and Jack is scared of me
    I’ve fought a million battles and, I’ve never even been to sea. :D

    So watch out all you pirates, or I’ll be on you in a Trice!
    Oh this is the way to see the world boys, We've been to Liverpool Twice!
    Aye and all you moaning matelots, don’t give me any of your cheek.
    And have the mess dinner on a Saturday, cos I have to work through the week. :D

    OH YES I am the weekend Sailor, and Jack is scared of me
    I’ve fought a million battles and, I’ve never even been to sea. :D

    Inside every good Matelot there's a RNR wannabee trying to get out :lol:
  10. Perhaps the fact that you would have to attend full time Submarine School for Part 1 and 2 training then complete a Part 3 training on an operational boat, which for the thickest could take 4 or 5 months in my day, which would also be full time.

    That would take up your compulsory service for three or four years so there is not a lot of point.

    I have no doubt that any ex-submariners in the RNR in time of emergency would be quickly fast tracked back into boats.


  11. It used to say quite specifically on the RN website that you will not go to sea in a submarine in this job.
  12. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Perhaps the "RNR bashers" should note that this is a potential recruit asking a question here, not a serving member of the RNR. If you don't serve, and don't know much about a branch which keeps a very low profile, I'd say its a very fair question to ask.
  13. I'd say it was a niaive question.

    SM's like aircrew are specialists. To serve you require specialist skills and the training that that encompasses.

    As Nutty says any ex serving RNR could be fast tracked but to learn the skills on a part time basis is a none starter.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I neither know nor care. But if the Provost Marshal says do it, then I do it. I'm old-fashioned like that... :roll:
  15. Thank you to those of you who've posted on this - it was a genuine question. Some may call it naive but there are things which are in the brochures/websites that don't always sit entirely with reality and often for good reason. I understand that but wanted to ask the question. I am a new recruit, sitting my psych test on 10th Feb but am not put off by any of the negatives, it's useful to get a rounded view.
    I'm doing this because I want a challenge; I've got a small, successful company which is very enjoyable to run but I want a different type of challenge that will cater to my interest in the RN and my love of adventure training, hence why I'm going RNR DE rather than straight RN.
    I'm seriously looking at mine warfare as this does offer sea time and seems involved, also intelligence perhaps. Any thoughts/guidance are always welcome and I won't be put off!
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Rich: Remember; Rum Ration is the unofficial website of the Royal Navy so take any offered 'advice' here with a pinch of salt... :lol:. But no matter what, good luck with what you choose to do... :thumright:
  17. which unit will you be joining?
  18. HMS Forward, hopefully
  19. This was posted some months ago:

    "They do 2 main jobs - Firstly, "controlling" submarines from shoreside headquarters - to ensure submarine safety, through Waterspace Management and Prevention of Mutual Interference procedures and to direct submarine Command and Control (C2) through the submarine broadcast - in the Submarine Operating Authority (SUBOPAUTH). The other role is acting as the Submarine Advisory Team which effectively operate as a SUBOPAUTH afloat - working for a CTF at sea."

    The Submarine Advisory Teams get quite a lot of sea time in RN or foreign command ships aound the world, but you're unlikely to spend lengthy periods at sea in submarines - only ex-regular submariners in the branch wear dolphins!

    The Submarine specialisation is an officer only branch, although you could potentially join CIS as a rating and specialise SM.
  20. Sgt Rock has it in a nutshell, but if you want any more detail PM me.

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