Submarine Myths?



Funny that. I met a submariner who used to be a Pongo (Queens regiment) he was on a U boat one of the ones sold to Canada. He hated being in the navy and whinged on and on about the lack of discipline and respect for rank.


I did time in both all three, fleet boats first (loved every minute) bombers second (hated every boring minute but at least it stopped the wife whingeing as she could do some planning) diesel boats last, loved 'em but a bit irrelevant as they don't exist anymore.

I fathered three boys, I only smell like a tramp with BO in diesel boats but whatever you do go for boats. If you're a skimmer you have to spend your own money on beer when you go abroad. In boats they pay for a jnice hotel and give you money for drinking, plus your sub pay. £10-00, jeex, it was £1-44 when I started!

Good luck and don't forget, you may have an engineering degree but your Chief Stoker and Chief Tiff will have been doing it for real for years.

Good luck



Deeps said:
Surely a real submarine means a submarine that can can stay dived for a long time ? So on that basis a real submarine has to be Nuclear then !
The longest patrol I ever did was a diesel boat and never once came to the surface. Ever heard of snorting and a snort transit, all dived and much harder work than poodling round at 400 feet with a shower a day!


Lantern Swinger
You tell 'em Obs. Went aboard a L.A. class SSN with our Cadets and the first thing I smell is diiesal. They have two big donks and carry 48,000 US gall deisal for emergencys. They had to shift berth the day before and used the deisals hence the smell. Ah the memories.


Thanks very much for all of this, all taken on board. Reading the banter on this site confirms I made a good career choice. Can`t wait to join my first submarine.

Thanks again.
Diesel boat or Nuc boat they all smell .

And so does your steaming kit ---------------the smell clings to it!

You don't realise it when you are at sea dived but when you get alongside
and they open hatches ------the fresh air makes you light headed .

Another gem -after a long trip you can't focus your eyes on long distance
objects-------cos for the time dived youve not looked distances more than about 20 yards . Used to get the Wife to collect me till my eyes adjusted.


Book Reviewer
Greenie said:
Used to get the Wife to collect me till my eyes adjusted.
Luckily being a Gentleman I am refraining from posting any of the comments that came to mind 8O


War Hero
The donks on Repulse were from an old WW2 cruiser . Donk shop killick was a grumpy old DE rating , i used to dread going down there for my part 3 until he found out my grandad was a submariner during the war .He was a top bloke then , always made the wets and i used to hide in the ''donk shop'' all the time . He hated ''nuclear stokers'' more than control room sailors .


Lantern Swinger
Deeps said:
The donks on Repulse were from an old WW2 cruiser . Donk shop killick was a grumpy old DE rating , i used to dread going down there for my part 3 until he found out my grandad was a submariner during the war .He was a top bloke then , always made the wets and i used to hide in the ''donk shop'' all the time . He hated ''nuclear stokers'' more than control room sailors .
Bit puzzled here - do you mean the two diesels? On the Renown they were a neat pair of little Paxmans - certainly not from WW2 Still, I may be wrong....
Little bit baffled myself --the diesel gens were in AMS 2/3 for emergency L
supplies and topping the battery if the normal method ie T.G's werent available .

Can't think of anytime when they did run them other than for exercise .
As for a donk shop ------------AMS 2-- three deck killick ?????
The ams 2 watchkeeper spent most of his time in the Manoevring Room!!


War Hero
2 big diesals . on 3 deck, access was from hatch starboard side next to the fwd tunnel hatch.Ring any bells ? I know Renown had been in refit for years when i was on Repulse , maybe she had the old ones taken out .Or
i have ''size issues''
Many thanks Jan and you Diesel .

Just for you pair --I meant I didn't drive the car untill my eyes woz adjusted ------------------everything else worked ace!!

Did a three week trip on a diesel boat in the far flung ---- great life !!!
The great unwashed!!


War Hero
Ok it was a few years ago , right you go down ams 2 hatch from the casing , bottom of the ladder you walk aft past the air purification stuff
you come to the tunnel door .Starboard of the tunnel door was a hatch that took you down to a machinery room , take the next ladders down you are in the Donk shop . Ok the donks were hadly ever run , but there was a killick in charge of them .
I feel like i am being put on trail here, any doubts ask me about the control room . ''AB [email protected]@@@@ on the helm , course to steer 180 ,Telegraph showing 1/2 ahead , 45 revolutions set , reactor at the 3/4 power state steering in hand'' . I was the aft trot sentry when Green peace came around afd 60 in there boats , couldnt get on Repulse but got on the Revenge .''Marine Lomax'' was about .Ring any bells ?


Lantern Swinger
Not putting anybody on trial, Deeps, but I'll sign your Task Book if ya like. I was only puzzled by the reference to the 'Donk Shop' and the age of the machinery. And I assure you the Paxmans weren't a refit replacement for anything older - I was on Renown 1971 to 1974, including its first refit. There again I admit I wasn't very technically minded. And it's a long time ago!


War Hero
No worries , Geoff wessex .This a major blast from the past fpr me , i have had nothing to do with submarines or submariners for 13 years or so
.I am in the army now and i am remembering all of these terms and bits and bobs .I know my bunk was right next to ams 1 , it will all come back to me . I must admit i never went aft of the rocket shop after i passed my PT 3 (AT SEA ANYWAY) so i may well be mistaken .
Deeps Stamping yer footies as made yooous al Parochial. Get Yer 'At and get down the Swines Office.

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