Submarine Myths?


Hello all,

I`m just finishing my engineering degree at newcastle and join Dartmouth in September. The Sub/Skimmer "decision" will be with me soon so i am asking for your help to better inform me. If I go submarines will I only be able to concive girls? Will i slowly shrivell up and die due to lack of sunlight? Is showering actually against military law once on board? These "facts" were all given to me by skimmers so I think they may be lying because they are jelous of your flash cars.

Can you help?


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You are right on track for a life in Subs already. The inability to spell after completing an Engineering Degree is compulsory, and may get you an honorary Lt Cdr-ship within weeks.

Ask them about LSSB, and how their easy life of being "spare crew but entitled" has just been seen disappearing up the swannee.....

...oh yes, you don't smoke by any chance?


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Hello mate i can help you on your questions. Firstly ignore any Submarine tales that you may hear from a skimmer, they are just jelous of the RN's elite . I can confirm that you are able to conceive girls i know because i have fathered twin girls and a boy . You will not ''shrivell up and die due to lack of sunlight either , you will go a little pale but who cares you get over 10 quid a day submarine pay .As for showering well now days as long as you dont have a ''hollywood'' shower you are ok to shower every day .I know a few ''deisel dinosaurs on this forum will slag us ''NUC'' lads off for that .
In short mate until you get your Dolphins you will be classed as scum of the earth .But when you do pass your part 3 and pin your dolphins on your chest you will understand what it means to be a SUBMARINER and you will laugh at your skimmer target mates.


I am pretty keen; another big one is bombers or fleet. Would like some runs ashore (and not in Helensborogh been there, enough said) but bombers sound easier to plan your life round.



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I am a bit out of date but i was on Polaris bombers with a couple of trips on T-boats out of the two i would go for T-boats you get lots of varityand some ''interesting'' trips however as you have already said on a bomber you do have a more settled career .I am sure you can do both , maybe start off on fleet boats then when you get married have kids etc etc go for bombers . Its your choice and i am sure some of the submariners on here will give you there opinion.
As an ex fighter command man, both diesel and nuclear I would vote for fleet boats, spending months hiding from everyone must be bloody boring.



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No experience of Nuke boats. I'm the "old Diesalsaurus" Deeps is reffering to. I the 50's we had the Subs based in Sydney, OZ. Great side trips allround the Pacific. Subs were also based in the Med at Malta and Simonstown S.A. None of these exist so it will limit where you go.

On the other hand you can remain a skimmer, visit interesting lands, catch exotic diseases.



I spent all my career on S and T boats (left in Apr 2000 after the full 22) I was loaned out to the Bristol and Invincible on two separate occasions and was SMERPED to Vanguard right at the end of my 22 (and there was me thinking I had avoided bombers). In my opinion, you will have more fun on fleet boats; sure you don't get the run ashores that skimmers get but that is more than offset by the extra money and better camaradeire. Of course you get that on bombers too, but believe me, one patrol on a bomber was enough to convince me that I had been lucky to have been drafted to S and T boats.


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Surely a real submarine means a submarine that can can stay dived for a long time ? So on that basis a real submarine has to be Nuclear then !
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