Submarine medical examination

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by SRT1, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. Sorry if there's already been a post about this, I tried searching and I couldn't find anything. I would like to know what the submarine medical examination involves and what happens if I fail it. It seems like this is the sort of thing they should have done when I was doing my other medical tests, earlier on in the application process.
  2. I am not an MA but I can tell you most of what goes on have just done one. Firstly blood pressure and pulse, eye test, hearing test, height and weight check. Then the all important vitalagraph test (spelt that wrong i think) where you blow on a tube to test your lungs (dont know the pass mark, but i passed), this involves 5 blows into a machine, two the graph dont move, and three where is does. There will also be a check up with the Doc and a chest X-ray if required. Ma's or someone with better knowlage will be along to correct anything I have missed. Hope that helps.
  3. Wot he said...but no x-ray. Not required anymore (no pressurised SETT)
  4. Ta POLTO forgot about that bit.
  5. Thank you very much for the explanation, makes it a lot less daunting.
  6. AAAHHHAAA got more info for you mate, as it happens you DO need a chest x-ray. One of my staff just had the Submarine Medical and was told that a x-ray was required. Must just be for new applicants?
  7. Thanks for the update BoxKicker. I'm surprised that they'd only do this to submariners, I can't think of may things a Chest X-ray would show up that would disqualify you from the submarine service but not from the surface fleet.
  8. And where did you do your training, Doc?
  9. [marq=down]
    Interesting that. The Phase One's don't get an x-ray. That's a defo...
  10. There are a number of things a chest xray would show up which are more relevant to those undergoing work in a pressurised atmosphere than those on the surface, but then you know that already - right?
  11. I see, I thought that submarines were kept at standard atmospheric pressure. Sorry about that

    Lujon, it was Reading, but I'm only a graduate, not a Doctor. I'm sure angrydoc knows far more on this subject than I do and I'm sorry that my comment came off as pretentious.

  12. hhhhmmm this is all a bit strange some do need a chest x-ray and some dont. Can angrydoc shed some light?

  13. hhhhmmm this is all a bit strange some do need a chest x-ray and some dont. Can angrydoc shed some light?
  14. Do you not have an X Ray as the norm in the mob these days? We used to have one every four years and a full plate X Ray on boats. Does that happen these days?

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