Submarine Look at Life Course (SM LALC)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by muskovardo, Jul 16, 2014.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has been on one of these and how they found it? Booked on to go in October.

    As a side note do i need to do the PRNC aswell as this?

  2. I've been on a submarine acquaint, I'm not sure if they're similar? There were ten of us and we went up to Faslane for a few days and stayed in the Officers' mess. We had a look around Ambush and Vanguard and did stuff like go in the simulator (Way better than the bridge one at Collingwood imho) and find out how periscopes work (a definite low point, not many of us were really fussed by that part) and we had a two hour lecture on nuclear reactors (Surprisingly easy to follow) and we had loads of tours of the training facilities.
    The bar in the evenings was amazing, the guys had loads of dits and were generally lovely.
    We stayed in Garelochead which was REALLY GASH (like you don't even understand) but it could have been worse. The other girl and I shared the biggest anderson shelter looking building and the eight boys shared the smallest, I didn't really think that was very fair.

    But you might be doing something completely different so I'm really sorry if that was as useful as a chocolate teapot. :p Have fun anyway though! :)
  3. Sounds pretty similar! Can't wait to go and do it. Did you have to do a PRNC as well?
  4. Grand. :) Nope, I'm *hopefully* joining as an Officer and they don't do that (but they really should, I guess it might get expensive if everybody did it though. Plus Officers do AIB which is stressful enough).

    We did a fitness test but it was just the bleep test. A bit unnerving bearing in mind the hall was filled with royals! We did the 40kg 60m 60 seconds shuttle run as well, but I kept falling over because I couldn't pick the bags up (Worst moment of my life, and the reason I started doing weights haha). All the guys got times around 20 seconds for that and one of the Lts taking us around walked it and he still passed. Nothing to worry about, really. :)
  5. Haha cool, i'm rejoining. Did the PRNC last time so bit of a pain to do it again when i'm doing this as well. Argh well if i get in that's all i'm bothered about at the end of the day!
  6. seems unlikely.
  7. Aww, well best of luck to you. :)

    Haha they did! To be fair, they all related to earning their dolphins. But still, for POCs who want to be submariners, that's the bit we cared about the most!

  8. No Danny, all true......... they overheard the Chiefs dit sesh!
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  9. Does that go "I once heard a skimmer went on a run ashore and...."
  10. ATG you now that would be a dit robbed of a submariner, as we all know skimmers cannot afford a run ashore? Submarine acquaint? I was acquainted with them after Mechs and stayed for 12 years

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