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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by craigb302, Oct 6, 2014.

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  1. Hi, I am currently joining the navy, I start Raleigh this week end October 12th then going on to hopefully train as WSSSM. I believe this is also at Raleigh, then I am to undergo the SETT training once completed I start the wet phase of the SMQ.

    What I was wondering was how does leave work etc in the RN and the submarine service, also what is communication like onboard as Afco is a bit patchy I've been told 3 different things by 3 different people All of who have never been on board a boat.

    I presume there's no leave at Raleigh ? But what about phase two training do you get any leave then ?.

    Also my 10 weeks from entry date takes me too the 23rd of December will this mean I passout before Christmas leave ?.

    Then if I'm successful and complete my SMQ and find my self kissing the kippers on the lips from a tot of pussers finest how does leave work then ?

    do you get allocated time off after a deployment plus your 6 weeks leave or do you just get the 6 weeks entitlement to take throughout the year when not at sea. I'm hoping to go vanguard class if that helps Sorry for the long post and questions any guidance about the above would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks
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  2. Jeez, use full stops or comma's now and again!

    Raleigh goes on leave on the 19th of Dec so you'll pass out when you get back off leave.

    If your going to be a bomber queen you'll get your leave when you get back and as you'll only be doing one patrol out of two you'll be at sea for 3 months, then not at sea for 9 months. A Bomber queen will be better able to explain, I was SSN's so different routines.

    As for communications onboard you'll be entitled to a Famgram (family telegram) but I don't know how many you're entitled to (and they're censored so no bad news allowed).

    The only other communication is talking to your oppo, no comms out at all so no e-mails, internet, telly or walruses bringing letters. the outside world don't exist.
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  3. Thanks for the info supplied wrecker, I guess my AFCO got the comms bit correct then but not the deployment and leave part.

    so I gather it's just the 6 weeks paid leave you get That's stated in the forms given to me by the AFCO the information on it is very very brief hence I asked on here.

    Thanks for the reply though, and no walruses bringing letter that's ashame I guess I will have to just wait for sammy the seal to call by then or the post penguins :)
  4. You get extra days leave for every month you're at sea as well.
  5. I won't be as fortunate as you then by going bomber I guess, if I will only do one three month patrol a year do you not get drafted to hunter killer class boats then if your in dock for 9 months ?
  6. Another prospective sun dodger here, so is the 3 months on 9 months off a guidline or would it be possible to go on more than one patrol a year? (for the v-boats)
  7. My understanding is your deployments on v boats are set for two years in advance, and from wrecker was just saying it looks that way unless hopefully as my last question asks it's possible to get posted whilst in dock for 9 months. Hopefully a real submariner will come along and help answer this better for us both.
  8. Surely the RN wouldn't have you sat in dock for 9 months ? I thought they where struggling to man the Vanguard class,it would surely make more sense them pushing you to sea on other boats. I might have to reconsider my class preference if this be the case as I'd rather have more sea time and money :) any current or ex bomber queens able to shed some light on the matter ?
  9. Such kind words!! I've been outside 7 years after doing 33 years (30 of them on boats) and still work within the community so to speak.

    The boats not in dock for 9 months. The patrol bombers have 2 crews, one does the 3 month patrol, one stays inboard. Boat comes back after being relieved by another bomber, then follows 3 months of maintenance and the other crew take it on patrol, it comes back and the cycle repeats.

    If your bomber crew you won't go off on an SSN as you'd have to re-qualify on that class, so no point as you'd only be away from the boat for 3 months.

    You can (and probably will) switch between SSBN and SSN during your career unless your a SWS WE rate when you'll be stuck on bombers all the time.

    Does that explain it a bit better?
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  10. Thanks again wrecker and the submariner bit wasnt aimed you, it was aimed at my answer as im in no position to give accurate advice at this stage as i have no experience just yet.

    Just what i got told by afco and at rosyth on the 3 day induction course thing they do.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That's you told, He obviously knows that you weren't a proper Diesel Boat Submariner!
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  12. Fixed that for you, no charge ;)
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  13. how hard is it for the AFCO to contact the submarine school...or even a T and V boat alongside? rather than dish out 'patchy' information?
  14. AFCO staff frequently visit Raleigh and the Submarine School for briefs, what they take in and take back is another thing (no offence NJ).
  15. ...and thanks to the "NO" vote - I hope you love all things Scottish. I can thoroughly reccommend
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  16. .......... with a deep fried Mars bar for duff and the lot washed down with Irn Bru, or if you have not had enough booze, Voddy Girders.
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  17. faslane is whole-heartedly....DEPRESSING
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  18. What wrecker says about bombers having two crews is true but not all bomber have two crews some have one large crew. Also depending on your branch there are crippling manning shortages so you could find yourself being bounced around from boat to boat.
    The idea of doing one patrol a year or having everything set out for two years in front of you is laughable as things stand and as the V boats get older that is only going to get worse. Also a patrol is said to be around 3 months but you could spend a good chunk at sea on work up prior to that patrol.
  19. I didn't want to confuse him even more (don't tell the truth FFS, you might put him off, he could be your relief ;))
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  20. Isn't it now called Support Crew. As opposed to Off Crew...!!!!

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