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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by east20, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. I'm interested in being in the submarine service but I can't get much info online.

    I'm particually interested in steering (not sure if thats the right word?) the sub or working with the weapon systems (although not in an engineering way, in a actually using them way).

    From what I can tell the best jobs would be Warfare Specialist Tactical, Warfare Specialist Sensors, Communications and Information Systems Specialist. On the RN website I found a Warfare Specialist Sonar page (WarfareSpecialistSonarSMSubmariner | Royal Navy) but I can't find a cereers pack or anything for it.

    Most of my info comes from my next-door neighbour who spent 6 years as an electrician on subs in the 80s (so I realise could be out of date) and from a mate of mine who is currently applying to be a medic on submarines.

    I've seen several programmes about submarines on the TV catch-up websites like Demand5 and I'm certain I want to work in subs. I know (from searching this website) that several years ago submariners were in demand, is this still the case?

    I also would like to know about career development. Do senior ratings get to specialise into different roles (if so, what are they?) or do they just command groups of junior ratings?

    I move around a lot for my job but by the 10th of December I will be stable. How close to Christmas are AFCOs open? I realise that Xmas may not be the ideal time to go and start applying, but for me being able to stay in one place for more than 3 days is a rare treat!

  2. In order of asking

    1) steering the mean planesman. Who are normally the Stewards, SA's, Medics, the POCISSM, PO Caterer.
    2) Operating are correct as in Tactical and Sonar rates (TSM and SSM), Communicators communicate spookily enough.
    3) Senior Rates are supervisors in their respective branches but have additional jobs to do, don't worry about that at this stage.
    4)How close to Christmas are AFCO's open.....ask your AFCO
    5) And just to keep it going, they're boats or submarines..not subs.
  3. I've googled searched both of those and can't find anything. What do they mean?

    Is that a definative list, or can anyone apply to be planesmen?

    Ok thanks.

    admiral scruff, thanks for that. I've already looked at all the submariner careers packs but, if we are honest, the only difference between them is the first paragraph. I'm looking for more in-depth info as I don't want to quit my job, leave my flat etc based on one pretty vauge paragraph!
  4. My bad, SA's are now Logs (SC) and I missed out the writers who are now Logs (Pers) or whatever it's been reverted to and you can't apply to be a planesman, it goes with the branch as an additional seagoing duty.

    POCISSM is Petty Officer Communications and Information Systems Submarines, used to be called the RS (Radio Supervisor).

    Edited to add TSM and SSM junior rates can (and do) man the helm when the boat is on the roof and shut off from diving as well as being bridge lookout and manning the radar.
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  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The best advice that I can give is to ignore Scruffies advice, his only contact with subs. is the High St. chain where he feeds his face.
  6. Ok thanks.

    I know that everyone is trained in things like fire-fighting, but is there a way I could find out the additonal duties for all the jobs I'm interested in, or will my AFCO have all the details?
  7. You'll find out your additional roles when you join a boat or on here, the AFCO's won't know.

    Everyone is trained in firefighting and, for instance, chef's and stewards make up the medical party at Action or Emergency stations (same as the surface fleet) and so it goes on.
  8. Upperdeck Trot, just to mention one.
  9. Your neighbour sounds familiar...I think he owes me a beer...what's his name?
  10. Thanks for all the help so far. I'll try to pop into the AFCO in a week or so and see where I end up!
  11. Wot? Ignore Admiralscruff?

    But he is a badgeman surely?


    ....and his School was on a shut-down today.:-D
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  12. on a serious note, I posted a link to a page the OP wanted to see but couldn't find. No advice, because I'm not in a position to give any.

    I thought the above post was genuinely amusing, but I didn't give any advice here.
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  13. .
  14. Stirl am I been thick? Don't get the phot???
  15. Thought that if he stuffed his face with Wigan's finest he would STFU.
  16. Ha winner. Like it
  17. Says younker Horatio Officer-Ness, scanning the horizon:

    'I see no (up-to-date) RN Recruiting Leaflets...'


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