submarine jack dusties

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Jacque-le-douste, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. There must have been Jack Dusties in boats now for more than 40 years so why do I only meet a couple at reunion & hear from a couple more on forums. All the lads that were in Faslane in the early 70's that you thought would always be up for it seem to have dissapeared.
    They can't all have left the account in a shambles for their relief, I know the well dressed one I took over from on the Conx did'nt!!!
  2. :thumright: Jacque-le-douste :thumright:

    A virgin post welcome, welcome to RR. I am not sure you should be looking for old S/M Jack Dusties most have only recently been released from Ford Open where they jealously guard their Lister three wheeler mini trucks whilst keep stock of their liberated Valuable Consumables and bottled neaters. Now if you had trained as a seaman your would have had lots of oppos.

    Nutty xxxxx
  3. The ex-Dusties have now probably all changed their names and living in tax havens where extradition back to the Uk is not available .

    Was at one place where they called the Naval stores Woolworths!!!
    Happy Days :nemo: :nemo:
  4. Just a couple spring to mind:
    George BC crossed the bar earlier this year:
    Dickie Stakes was in Saudi working for BaE mid-80s, believe he moved back to Leeds.
  5. I was sorry to hear recently of George BC s death, also Dave Spencer who was my opposite number on Revenge. Another young one who's gone is "Beastie" Munro ex Sealion
  6. Sorry to hear about Dave Spencer 'Crossing the Bar' .Was on Revenge with him in 1972 --on and did Daso . Good lad ---want something --no problem and always smiling.

    May he rest in peace

    :nemo: :nemo:
  7. One of the first ever 2 LSA's to serve on boats went back to general service, ended his career as a CPOSA and is now working as a civvy at Yeovilton.
  8. Pat Bergin left the mob to work in a mail order factory in Warrington: George Burgess (ex BSO Faslane head of logistics for Kingston-on Thames Council in the 60's.
    Who is it that works at Yeovilton, dhoby bucket ?
  9. I was with Yorkie Barr on Revenge (P) in 78 he was a good lad
  10. Never an S/m dusty though I had two drafts to Dolphin, but I remember a Geroge Burgess and a Colin Redknapp, I'm better at faces than names though.

    Do any of you s/m dusties recall Blood Reid (ex Chief Dusty), the civvie in Naval Stores Office who did the tender accounts ?

  11. Blood Reid was there in 66 when I was doing my boats course. Remember Colin Redknapp, Des Hawes (ex Yachtsman), Paul Berriman, Barry Till, Chris Jones among the 1st generation POSAs.
  12. Dickie Stakes, there's a name from the past. Jus fancy, Faslane, Saudi then Leeds; downhill all the way.
  13. You forgot his time in Guzz - DEFIANCE, and VALIANT before he went on CHURCHILL. Also Jack Ackerman (ALLIANCE), Alan White (NARWHAL), Robbie Hoggett (ex Pongo C/Sgt) (ANDREW).
  14. Last time I saw Dougie Pointon he told me he thought Dickie Stakes was back in Jock Land, Colin Redknap took over from me on Revenge & Jan Ackerman came to Chatham from Faslane to help me in refit on theConq.
    (You were there on Po's course at that time Jan) My SA on Conq was Bungy Williams last heard of at Her Majesties pleasure.
    Pete Goodchild last seen a couple of years ago driving a truck for Ginsters Oggies
  15. Was th Ginster truck a Lister??????

  16. Robbie Hogget was on the Andrew in the 1970s and eventually releaved by Bill Bendelow who still attends the Andrews annual reunion. He did end up as a Chief but at the time was just a Jack Dusty.
  17. We might know each other then. I worked for Blood 66-69 prior to joining Cherry B in Belfast, he was also there in 63/64 when I were but a baby PSA.
    Des Hawes, Barry Till and Dougie Poynton I recall very well.

    Bill Bendelow, if it's the same Bill, was also on Cherry B, an a real case.

    'Jimmy G' as was

  18. If you are wondering about Nuttys ref. to Lister trux.
    I borrowed one from the Dockyard maties in Chatham, lent it to a killick stoker, he returned the wa***ing handle, next time I went down with my handle the bleedin'truck was gawn.
    Moral being, never give a Jack Dusty anything mechanical.
  19. Bill Bendelow went on to serve in a number of nuclear boats but was eventually returned to skimmerland as there were no drafts for CPOSA
    he did however retain his submarine pay and yes he was and still is a character.
  20. Who was the CPOSA working at Yeovilton?
    not "Norman the foreman storeman " (exCourageous) was it?

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