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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rod-gearing, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Dont know if anyone has posted this before but I found it the other day.
    Very sad pictures of our diesel fleet after years of loyal service.
    Hope it doesnt cause too much trauma.
    Cant find any of the Onslaught though.

  2. Very painful to look at. Such a nice way to say thank you to the ladies that did such valiant service.
    What's that line in the song 'Yellow Taxi'.
    'You don't what you've got 'til its gone'.......................
  3. Isnt it weird how all us old fellas get all sentimental about a bit of Rusting Metal. Then again if you have lived onboard it for a part of your life its understandable.

    No wonder women never understand us !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sad to see.
    :pukel: :pukel:
  5. Even for a non-Submariner that's a sad sight to behold.
  6. Agreed. Why couldn't at least one boat have been preserved as a floating museum? A private individual managed to do it in Germany. A boat preserved in working or almost working condition would be good PR.
  7. The Onyx is in Barrow and there's another one in Chatham [Ocelot] ??

    Onyx is floating and the Chatham one is in a dry dock

    Yes its a sad sight to see them being scrapped ---lots of memories of
    Diesel boats --all happy ones

    :nemo: :nemo:
  8. Gutted to see me old boat the Otter like that,thanks anyway ,but i,ll allways remember the good times on her,me oppos and jollies. Up Spirits !!!
  9. Even more sentimental when you pushed the thing around for almost four years. Good boat Otter WEO a bit suspect!!. See the TCT hydrophones still fitted heap of junk!!
  10. It would be nice to see both a Government, Min Of Defence and 1st Sea Lord take on the responsibility of the disposal of our paid off nuclear hulks.

    Once again it is a hot potato that no one in authority wishes to face. It is very much "NOT IN MY WATCH" and "NOT ON MY BUDGET" pass it on to him that follows. How long ago was it Dreadnought paid off 1979 near on 30 years and not one inch forward. We are going down the road of the Russians not an eco friendly civilised State.

    The longer it is left the more expensive and dangerous becomes the problem.

    Tad Annoyed of Tunwells Bridge

    Nutty :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  11. Horrible way to treat good boats.....they should
    have all been kept in a reasonable preserved
    state - just in case.

    But have you seen the price of diesel these days?
  12. Yep! It pains me greatly to see my old boat Swiftsure in that bloody basin in Rosyth and knowing what she did for this nation during the Cold War.

    What a way to treat any of the ladies that served this nation with such distinction...............civvies don't know...they just don't know...and that includes all those idiotiotic incumbants in the House right now!
  13. :thumright: HMS Courageous is still on display in Plymouth see text from her Association site:

    "In 2002 she was removed from mothballs and moved to No. 3 Dock where she was open to the public as a unique exhibit in the UK. Ongoing problems with the caisson, which seals the dock, necessitated her move back to 3 Basin in 2007 where she is currently once again open to the public."

    HMS/m Courageous Site

    I did do the visit a couple of years ago and found it to be very brief as basically only the Accommodation and Control room are open to visitors.

  14. Dont you think we have enough problems trying to keep the working fleet reasonably preserved?
  15. Apart from the forends there is not much else to see on those boats.Unless you had a good reason to go aft to the Reactor and turbine part you were no encouraged to go there even when you were ships company.Something to do with radiation I believe.
  16. I was gutted to see my old boat Otter in that state, It was always a good boat, a happy boat and the lads were the best, miss them all, that's progress for you,
    Going deep

    Scouse :toilet:
  17. There are two OBERON class S/M s preserved in Australia , One afloat at Crib Point Victoria and one ashore at Holbrook NSW
  18. It won't let me in. It wants a password, etc! :threaten:

    I wouldn't mind having one in my back garden, for use as a drinking den. :)
  19. Further to my last , OTAMA at Crib point, ONSLOW at SYDNEY maritime museum and unsure as to which boat ended up at Holbrook

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