Submarine Fleet Review...


========================= 1908: 35 boats!

IIRC two/three years ago Billy No Mates (...nor wife, nor house these days :sad: :cry:) posted a larger version of this photograph but I don't think anyone was able to ID when it was actually taken.

EUREKA! (Diesel...:roll: :wink: ) The definitive answer seems to have finally turned up in the Pompey Evening News, or "The News" as it likes to call itself these days:

<<... the submarine service was a little miffed at not being included in the Spithead home fleet review of August 1907. So Edward VII invited the entire submarine fleet to gather for a review of their own in 1908. And here they are – 35 boats moored off Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, in Portsmouth Harbour in this 1908 Stephen Cribb..>>

More for history buffs here: Nautical shots show off wealth of history - Remember When - Portsmouth News

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