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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by lonestar, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Anyone ever read anything by either Patrick Robinson or Michael DiMercurio?

    Are they any good, worth reading, remotely linked to the real world? (I have an Amazon voucher you see)

    Alternatively if there are any non-fiction 'must-reads' then feel free to point them out, I have read some but may have missed a few.
  2. The "Iron Coffins "by Herbert Werner and No "Ordinary War " by Christian Prag (Factual)
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Patrick Robinson's books are on the whole a little far-fetched in that the principle characters at times make Superman look like a weak amateur, on the other hand he has had collaboration from a former sumariner so the fundamental aspects of the plot have some plausibility.

    DiMercurio, I've read a couple but couldn't get into them in honesty.
  4. I must admit that having served with his adviser Sandy Woodward I am pretty sure I can recognise some of the characters.
  5. I can recommend this book 100%. I'm just coming to the end for the second time of reading it.

    Father in law gave it to me to sell on the car boot but I kept it as well as other classics.
  6. I've read a lot of Patrick Robinson books and yes they can be a bit too far - but because he has researched them they still make good reads.
    Some of the story lines are not that far out either.
  7. I've read a number of Patrick Robinson's book and found them enthralling. They have made some trans Atlantic flights zip by. :)
  8. I enjoyed most of Patrick Robinson's books as some one mentioned earlier the plots can be a bit far fetched. But Ghost Force aaaghhh!
  9. Crush Depth By Joe Buff, quite a good read!
  10. Send down a dove. Cracking read!
  11. The earlier Robinson's are much better than the later ones. Kilo Class and HMS UNSEEN were fairly good fun, and as has been mentioned, Sandy Woodward's influence can definately be seen....
  12. Got to be 'Run Silent, Run Deep' by Edward L. Beach, made into famous movie. A novel written by a famous USN submarine captain of WW2 Pacific campaign vintage so all the technical stuff is bob on as you'd expect.

    His autobiographical account of his own service called simply 'SUBMARINE!' is well worth your beer tokens or a visit to the library.

    He commanded the USS TRITON on its record breaking submerged circumnavigation of the planet and wrote about that too. Quite a bloke and a biography of him is due out soon from Bluejacket Books, a fantastic publisher whose website is worth a look.

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