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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by hobbit, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. The issue of ' scaled dolphins ' has been raised again on another submarine web site with the usual black catting . My understanding of the ' scaled dolphins ' is that the scaled dolphins are heraldic dolphins as with many UK designs , based on hundreds of years of tradition.
  3. [​IMG]

  4. Nutty , this is one brief description from an heraldic site for what it's worth . Heraldry , being an ancient art or skill , depicted many creatures different to the true appearance of the beast . The dolphin in heraldry was considered the king of the fish despite it not being a fish . Also , I believe other submarine badges have scaled dolphins . I'm not trying to make an issue of this but looking for a logical explanation for what appeared /appears to be a F/U

    Dolphin - swiftness, diligence, and love(dolphin depicted having scales)

    Dolphin - (dol'-fin) The dolphin is heraldically a fish, irregardless of what it may be zoologically or astronomically. When used as a charge it may be extended and natant or hauriant, etc. Fishacre of Fishacre bore "Gules, a dolphin natant argent." The dolphin was the emblem of the Dauphins of France. [See also DAUPHIN.]
  6. Are you strictly talking Commonwealth Dolphins or maybe your thinking of these:

    [​IMG] Americans scaled everything...[​IMG]
  7. Yep , was referring to them thanks , haven't mastered the photo bit yet . I was/am trying to justify the RN dolphins with scales however and I am satisfied with the heraldry explanation . Do you think it answers the scaled dolphin , as in heraldry the dolphin is a ' fish ' with scales . No big deal but being inquisitive I like to know . Fascinating stuff that heraldry . thanks again .

    I left the Service prior to the RN dolphins being issued so I don't know if they , the dolphins , are a ' permenant loan ' item or what . I believe they should be and engraved with name and number and date of issue/ award to make them personal .
  8. onDolphins are not permanent, nor are they itemised in kit record books - you just go in to slops and ask for them (then sell 'em on e-bay to badge collectors or put them on the back of the headboard at yer aunties...).
    Like the idea of having them engraved with name / service no.

  9. Cheers D-A-R , yeah it would give them a more personal touch and less likely to become ' for sale ' on e-bay . More respect is appropriate too for those in the ' Trade ' . Although not one for B/S when in the mob I can afford the luxury of recommending a ' passing out parade ' for the presentation of the ' dolphins ' , ( flood "Q" 500 feet )
  10. Depends on where the info comes from, but all I could find explained the "Dolphin" as such:

    It isn't really a "fish" but more a "monster"...[​IMG] now I know on some occasions we (submariners) can be considered monsters, but gee I thought Dolphins were kinda cute...[​IMG]
  11. Thanks After SSE , yes the depth and detail of Heraldry is unlimited and interesting . In regard to the Dolphin I believe in most references the creature is viewed more favourably in heraldry and not a ' monster ' . Great to watch them from the casing when in passage routine through the tropical seas in fine weather ,

  12. We had a great shot (and pics) from the search scope of 3 dolphins in the Caribbean, (will try to find the pic) it turned out excellent.

    Yeah whenever we run on the top down in the Caribbean we get lots of visitors trying to outrun us (LMAO, outrun an O Boat on the surface, I think they were toying with us....)[​IMG][​IMG]
  13. Nav Chief on Vengeance recorded dolphins 'playing' around the periscopes when we were on INDEX about 5 years ago, recorded it onto dvd's and set some soothing classical music to it - got a copy at home if anyone's interested? Black-cats your still phots, AftSSE!!
  14. Nothing to do with ' boats ' but still on the dolphin subject . Small isolated community in Western Australia , Monkey Mia , allegedly named after a ship named the Monkey based there years ago . Here the dolphins thrive and have close contact with visitors . The dolphins are not enclosed and free to come and go . People feed them of course but a notice on the beach advises to accept fish from the dolphins when they bring one to the beach for the visitors . yes , a terrific experience of being close to these beautiful creatures . On our visit my wife was totally unprepared for a huge dolphin that beached itself near us in ankle deep water , truly awesome .


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