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we have recently recieved the request (below) and I thought that there are some old and bold guys out there who may have some good ideas. If you are successful and there is a prize, I will forward it on to you (honest!)

"Now that the Submarine Stream is rising, like a Phoenix from the ashes of FLEET transformation, we should all give some thought to our Corporate Identity. It would be very easy for the management to just sort this out but I feel it is important to get the views of the whole stream.

To that end I’d like you all to think about a Badge (or Crest) for the submarine stream. These are heraldic devices and each object on the badge means something. It should reflect what we do now. Cradle to grave training; training the individual, the team etc etc.

So, for the more artistic amongst you, get designing. I’m going to set a closing date of 21 Dec (ie the day we go on Christmas leave) for entries and the judging can be done when we get back from leave in January. It would be a good idea if a few words of explanation were included with the design so we can work out the thought process. Oh, and try to keep it clean! Once the new badge has been chosen I will get the patents drawn up by the College of Arms and then the Submarine Stream will have it own, properly approved, ‘Coat of Arms’."
What about the old submarine school photo above the stairs - There are only two kinds of ships, submarines and targets! Pretty much says it all as well! :biggrin:


Lantern Swinger
As a skimmer once said to me, the submarine motto should be "We Come Unclean", as to no boats in Dolphin, that is a tragedy that should have never been allowed to happen, it is occupied by some army scab lifters!!!
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