Submarine Chef

Given the constraints of working in a submarine galley the results are surprisingly good.Whether food is good or bad is down to individual taste. You can't please all of the people all of the time.:)
Scran has always been top notch on all the boats I've had. Submariner chefs have to be creative IMO as you can't do a RAS when stuff starts to run out. Plus all the fresh has gone by week 4.
don't store your babies heads back aft, they will vanish, along with any fresh tatties.
never had issues with boat chefs', except when the POCK got a deal on sodding courgettes, they tried to hide them in everything
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Never had a problem with scran on boats. The tucker f*ckers did the best they could and we appreciated it on Orion and Otama's long 70 day patrols
@Ninja_Stoker are you asking me if I'm busy?

@Sumo stupid question but what are babies heads?
He means you can join next week if you're free. They're that short of chefs

Its a tinned steak and kidney pudding, cut in half across the middle and steamed.
It's so called because with the white pastry around the outside, and the brown filling, it looks like a child's potty after its been used.

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