Submarine Barbecue

I've always wanted a submarine in my back garden! :razz: C'mon, where are they on sale? Submariners Association perhaps? I'd like to put in an order for a smaller baby submarine BBQ. Of course I'd have to have it properly "launched". :)

Of course, you need one of these to supply the background music.....

If you take an angle-grinder to them
planes on the fin (or "sail" as they say),
hack 'em off....batter the front end in a
bit with a four pound lump hammer, you
will end up with a *Superb* barbecue smoker.


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If they are made by BAE, they don't know when it will be delivered, and cannot confirm the cost, but whatever they quote, double it and then add 2.


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Remember having one whilst going round the top taking a R boat to decomission. 2 RAF Tornados fly over, on there second pass they were treated to a line of very white asses.
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