Submarine AE2 - developers game for appraisal.

My Brother-in-law (out in Perth, S.W. Australia) contacted me by e-mail with the
following info. (Below is part of E-mail received @ 22:00 G.M.T. 18th July 2011)
He's a Professor and all his mates are really, really clever, which is why I'm posting
all this on here.

(Extract from E-mail)
A colleague of mine is developing a game about an Australian submarine in the First World War (in the Dardenelles). Would you mind having a look at it and see what you think? The sub was actually sunk in reality.
Here is the URL for the game:-

I'll have a look see at it during my down time later this week. In the meantime, if you would like to load it up and check it out - feel free to do so. Your feedback will be E-mailed back to Oz i.d.c. Ensure you read all the notes relating to drivers etc (ie DirectX Version/system requirements etc) - I've already had "It don't fu**ing work" reports. It does - I can run it from me laptop, but as yet have not got to grips with it. It downloads a wee bit slowly, perhaps it was because I was Google Earthing, Downloading, and replying to his request simultaneously. Check out all the other pages that are associated with Submarine AE2, there's a fair bit of Naval history and much more than just a game zip file.

Many thanks,

Billy Not-a-friend in-the-Universe.

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No workee for me on XP

Have to say.....I was hit by Malware after d/l.......11 items so far

How do you uninstall this prog?
No workee for me on XP

Have to say.....I was hit by Malware after d/l.......11 items so far

How do you uninstall this prog?
My apologies if you've got snags with it. Seeing as it is being developed
by an accredited University (Edith Cowans) and I have no reason to
believe the programme should be in any way of a suspicious nature,
I'll e-mail outbound A.S.A.P. and see if there are anyother adverse
reports about if. Running it on a Laptop a.t.t. and so far have not had
any bugs/snags or reports from virus checker/malware etc using the
Virgin Media anti virus/malware/firewall package that comes with the

Will re scan the original zip file (download) again and see if anything comes up.


Just got off the phone to Oz this very minute. It's all bona-fide and there should
not be any snags with this game download. My man out in S.W. Australia is going
to pass all info to the developers - I've told him about your Malware snags and he
will tell the developers about it as well.
As you say - it could have been a coincidence.
Use a standard uninstaller and sweep out any leftovers with a cleaning app.
(e.g. CC Cleaner - or any other you may prefer).
They are trying to make historical events more interesting by using this type
of game as an historical tool. Hope this puts your mind at ease.

Am I the only person who thinks the loss of one of HM Ships is not a fit subject for a game?

At first glance, that would appear to be the case. But taking the wider view:

1. It went down with no loss of life so it is not a 'War Grave'.

2. In it's short life it clocked up an amazing mileage and it's exploits raised the morale of the ANZAKS at what was an unhappy time for their war effort.

3. As one of Australia's first boats it's recent re-discovery has caused considerable interest down under, especially as their S/M service centenary will soon be upon them.

4. As a game it is likely to introduce a few young Aussies to their heritage and perhaps a wider interest in their naval history, too.

5. Whilst the likes of you and I are unlikely to become 'gamers' I quite understand that suchlike is quite popular with the younkers.

6. Unlike the usual games, knocked out for a mass market for commercial gain, judging from the information in previous Posts, above, this AE2 game concept seems to be rather a special one-off.

In short, I think it is a unique and worthwhile project; to borrow the idiom of the day 'Cool - Go for it!'


Submarine AE2 - Submarine Institute of Australia

HMAS AE2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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