Submarine accident 21 March 2007


Lantern Swinger
Very sad news. R.I.P. Sincere condolences to their families and friends. Hope that the lad who is injured has no permanent damage.


The Submariner's Prayer:
Almighty, Everlasting God, the Protector of all those
who put their trust in Thee: hear our prayers in behalf
of Thy servants who sail their vessels beneath the seas.

We beseech Thee to keep in Thy sustaining care all
who are in submarines, that they may be delivered
from the hidden dangers of the deep.

Grant them courage, and a devotion to fulfill their duties,
that they may better serve Thee and their native land.

Though acquainted with the depths of the ocean,
deliver them from the depths of despair and the
dark hours of the absence of friendliness and grant
them a good ship's spirit.

Bless all their kindred and loved ones from whom they are separated.

When they surface their ships, may they praise Thee for
Thou art there as well as in the deep.

Fill them with Thy Spirit that they may be sure in their reckonings,
unwavering in duty, high in purpose, and upholding the honor
of their nation.


R.I.P. Deeps
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.
R.I.P. Shipmates.

Deepest sympathies to the families of those that have been lost.

News bulletin stated that the injured sailor is expected to make a full recovery so a glimmer of hope from a desparately sad situation.
Is this anything to do with the sub that had to surface a few days ago and 2/3 airlifted to hospital by Irish Coast Guard?

My thought and prayers go out to the familes and friends - terrible news.

RIP lads


War Hero
Very sad news. Condolences to the families of the two lads who were lost, and wishes for a speedy recovery to the one who was injured.

Rest in Peace lads.


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