Submarina training


i believe the pass rate for submarina raining is 40% the question is what happens if you fail, i have heard mixed answers to this.

One is that you join normal service fleet.

The other is that they kick you out and you have to re-apliey for service fleet

things like this seem to be kept quiet and im un sure what is what i just cant see them kicking you out compleatly after spending all that time an money on one persone just to risk throwing you out.
Basically, if you struggle academically but can demonstrate that you have worked your nads off and generally have NOT been a scrote then you MAY be offered a transfer to GS. If however you decided to go out on the lash every night and subsequently struggle with the academics, then you will in all probability be discharged - a caveat will be added to this along the lines of "Do not re-apply for 12 months" or similar. This is not up for negotiation - the RN have the final say - and it is generally case by case.

Edit: BTW, the word you are looking for is Submariner. We ain't no gangsta rap outfit innit blud. :roll:
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