Sub mariner qualification.


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hi - my son left for Faslane yesterday for his ten week smq training. He under 18 still and had mislaid paperwork! Could someone give me a brief rundown of what's involved! Just a curious parent! He is a marine engineer.
Thanks in advance :)
He'll be sat behind a desk learning the boats systems, operating parameters, operating procedures etc and in the evening will be crawling around a boat actually tracing the systems, valve locations etc.

As a an ME submariner and therefore one of God's chosen people, he won't have too much trouble with the course. A lot to remember though :)

All branches do a common course so there'll be stewards, chefs, weapon engineering technicians, stores accountants etc on the course with him.
He should go to sea for his Dolphins (and get the money :) ) after that, as soon as a space becomes available. The 10 week course phase is known as SMQ Dry (SMQ= Submarine Qualification), the sea phase is known as SMQ Wet.

He'll have a maximum of 3 months to complete SMQ Wet.


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Wrecker - is there exams to pass during the smq dry phase? My son just started and informs that he will be home every weekend to party - em - I don't think so!
I believe that there is a weekly 'modular' exam, culminating in the mother of all exams in the final week. It used to be the case that a pass mark at the end of the week guarenteed you the weekend off...a fail would of course require some remedial work which could curtail any personal plans for the weekend...


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Thanks sumo and repoman. Repoman intake it that is because there is not many folks that want to serve under the waves???? Sumo I just hope when he comes home he is able to settle himself down when he comes home the now he always wants to be on the blooming go!
After being cooped up in a boat for weeks on end the chance to sit around at home doing nothing holds little allure. If single there is a great deal of lost time to be made up with all your friends and acquaintancies. Leave periods seem to flash by and being constantly asked "when are you going back?" starts to rankle after a while.
My mothers first words used to be how long you home for and when you going back, she meant well trying to find out how much she would see me, but as Fhead said it does get through a bit almost sounds like Oh your home how long do we have to put up with you this time.


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It makes me sound awful he coming home every weekend during the 10 weeks smq ! He is great conpany but always wanting to do something I suggested studying! How quick do they have to wait to do the wet phase ?
It's 8 weeks SMQ and I doubt he'll be home every weekend. How long he has to wait for the wet phase doesn't have a definitive answer, it depends what boats are available and the boats programme, also limited to how many people are in the queue as space is limited.


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Thanks wrecker just was wondering if families get invited to anything else! My son doesn't give much warning of things we have to attend! Makes your own working life hard!
Although he was an AET, I went to my son's passing out parade at Sultan when he finished Phase 2, I missed the Phase 1 parade at Raleigh because I was at sea.

These are the only 2 occasions when there's a formal passing out do.

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