Sub hit by own Torpedo.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Grim_Reaper, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Anyone on here remember 'Grampus' being hit by one of it's own Torpedo's.
    It was 1974 if memory serves when a Mk44 went haywire and returned striking a direct hit on the attack scope which was bent over at right angles as a result. A quick return to Pompey was the order of the day as it was when the same Sub hit a Starboard navigation buoy off the Isle of Wight when the Jimmy had a go at navigating. The buoy cable became stuck in the foreplanes causing the buoy to end up stuck at the front of the boat. A right funny sight that was and a Courts Martial too!
  2. If it was one of its own it was a Mk.20? from the after tubes, Mk.23 or may be a Mk.24,they came in about that time, from the fwd tubes.

    Mk.44 were 12"dia air drop or fired from skimmers.
  3. Yep, my mistake. Mk 23's and it was one of them involved.
    How the memory fades!
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Second hand less than half a dit,,,,,Spartan 90's conducting a live firing,,,fish does a 180. Heard in the control room.

    Captain "WEO options?"
    WEO "I don't know sir"

    In the submariner world this must be classed as friendly fire. It would be interesting to hear the full dit from any old Spartans.
  5. An old and sometimes fatal story when your are playing for real. Read the story of the USS Tang.

    USS Tang

    May their Souls be Resting in Peace

  6. The WW2 boat Turbulent had one do a 180,it went right over them and went on to sink an Italian destroyer!
  7. It was Bridge Buoy, wrapped around the starboard Prop, and we took it into Dolphin, after sunset, it started flashing. The old man was Smith, went on to become Teacher
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  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  9. Interesting story. Funnily enough, my father spent a lot of time on the 'Russian Convoys' (MN) and only mentioned it once after I mentioned I'd been near a major Soviet port beginning with 'M'! He never elaborated and is no longer with us, so I sadly cannot find out any more
  10. Wits this thread from a long time ago.

    I was on Spartan for a range of firings

    After refit we had SMUTS fitted so was a torpedo target boat for trials, even well North under the hard roof with the septic's, as they tried to drop them through the hard stuff?
    Problem with early SMUTS was it could only tell the true range of in coming after the event when analysing the Data? I asked the civvy in my CAB Space what kind of idiot design that, it was him? so we heard plenty of sounds through the hull that Submariners should not hear, cow catches do work.
  11. I was on Grampus in 74, the only incident I recall was at PD (somewhere in Jockland) when the skipper on the periscope said F...g H..l flood Q go deep etc, he had seen a torpedo coming straight at us. If memory serves me well it had been dropped from a wasp but it never actually hit us. Although others with a better memory may know different. Coming into Pompey, bright summers morning with Capt SM onboard and blind pilotage teams closed up, we hit the buoy, I was in the galley when it happened and heard the bang and then very loud scraping down the side of the boat, but it was sat on the after planeguard, remember divers having to cut it free and a boom defence vessel lifting it off.
  12. I was Otter in the late 80s and it was a target boat,metal casing and covers on the main vents. I remember a couple of hits from inert torpedoes ,IIRC they were the ones that are in service now.
  13. I was in the motor room when that happened, blow out all the contacts on the cams took about three days to replace them as far as I can remember, was a long time ago, Plus I remember it more like '73 because Feb '74 I was a civvy here we are at sea motor room watchkeeping

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  14. Do you remember a "leak lower motor room", in '73, I was undercutting a commutator...........
    We were deep at the time
  15. Sorry wrong place : We had steward on Invincible spilled some soup.

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