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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by stumpy, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. I wonder if you can help, is Fort Bovisand still there and is there still an military adventerous training place there?

    I am shortly going to get back into sub aqua diving and I can't find all my documents so I was after a copy to persuade BSAC.

    The reason I ask is that I am having trouble finding anything relevant on the internet.

    Many thanks! :thanks:
  2. Could try asking RNRMSAA of course most websites are looking about 5yrs old.....
    Mark Allen Secretary RNRMSAA 01271 814264 email [email protected]

    Best info on happenings I could find was from Wiki;

    # December 2000: Marine Contractors Ltd (one of the main businesses based there, and one of the parties negotiating to take over the running of Fort Bovisand) went into receivership. As a result the owners (the Ministry of Defence) decided that it was no longer possible to keep the site functioning. The accountants acting as liquidators for the owners obtained a court order for possession and changed the locks and evicted the remaining diving etc firms trading there.
    # 13 January 2003: News said that Fort Bovisand was likely to be sold on the open market, but that accountants Begbie Traynor were still interested in hearing from businesses, including diving concerns, who might want to take it on.[1]
    # Mid-2005: Ex-BBC boss Greg Dyke and local property developer John Steven owned Fort Bovisand and had plans to set up a new business there.

    On the Army MOD pages they still list it so I guess you could try there.
    Sub Aqua Diving - Navy Sponsored
    Joint Services Sub Aqua Diving Centre (JSSADC)
    Fort Bovisand
    Devon PL9 0AB

    Civ: 01752 405573

    eMail:[email protected]

    I would try asking current Guzz area members at

    Or check the listings on

    Also listed on

    Discovery Divers Plymouth
    Premier Centre Seamanship Centre The Waterfront, Fort Bovisand, Plymouth PL9 OAB Tel: 01752 492722
    Mob: 07739 567752 [email protected]

    EDIT>JSSADC page is still open, contact details as above from Army site

    Hope any of that helps..... :drunken:
  3. Thanks very much! ;) ;)

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