Suarez the vampire !

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Handler, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. So he gets a 10 match ban for his antics, enough or too much ?
  2. Lifetime ban I say!!

    however I am an Evertonian
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  3. If he only gets 7 for being a racist bellend, 10 is too much for getting the munchies.

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  4. Just another reason not to respect footballers the childish spoiled overpaid *****! If i bit someone I would find myself A) locked up for assault B) detained under the mental health act.

    You don't get this kind of shit in rugby.
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  5. That's no punishment at all, he will probably still get paid during the period of the ban and will have a front row seat at any of the remaining games. A lifetime ban would send out the appropriate signal to all those tempted to emulate his unwarranted behaviour. Either a lifetime ban or being forced to watch Acrington Stanley away matches for 2 seasons, take your pick
  6. I propose a third option, we force him to play in AS away matches.

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  7. As the evidence was there for all to see he should have been arrested and charged with ABH for starters.
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  8. If I bit someone at work it would be classed as gross misconduct and I would almost certainly be sacked. I can see no reason why the same does not apply to this bloke.
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  9. Money.

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  10. It's a gas...
  11. Seeing as it was not his first offence it seems a fair result to me.
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  12. I'd make yourself comfy, as long as there is money to be made nothing will change, Suarez, like him or loath him, scores goals and goals mean prizes and prizes mean money.
  13. Which is entirely what is wrong with football. Suarez, Marlon King, Lee Hughes etc. People look past the fact that they are ******* awful human beings just because they can score goals. I wouldn't want any of them anywhere near my club (No chance of Suarez due to us being shit anyway) no matter how good they are and if they were, I simply couldn't bring myself to cheer them.

    Some things are more important than winning.
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  14. We really do not need people like him in the country setting such a shocking example to our youngsters. So further to my last he should have been arrested, charged, found guilty, (no doubt about that) sentenced then deported back to his country of origin.
  15. You've got more chance of getting Abu Qatada out than that happening (unless some foreign team offer more dosh).
  16. Not possible, as the victim did not want to press charges.
  17. Ivanovic was very restrained.I think if it had been me, after the initial shock I'd have put the c**ts face in the goal post.:pissedoff::grin:
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  18. At which point the bill would have arrested and charged you, Suarez would have cried all the way to the cop shop and the whole of Liverpool would have been up in arms for sullying the memory of the woman whose son died at HB. And every man and his dog would be saying Liverpool should get automatic entry into the Champions League.
    On the other hand, had he, Suarez been a dog he would have been put down.
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  19. Charges can still be brought even when the victim refuses to press charges, if the police and those clowns at the CPS had the bollocks for the job.

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