Stupid question: presentation evening dress code

Just wanted to check the dress code for the presentation evening (and preferred to sound dim on here rather than call the unit again).

I'm told it'll be about 2 hours and got the impression it's talking and being handed brochures. But I had an awful thought just now that it might include a fitness test and I'm just recovering from the flu and unlikely to cover myself in glory (sucking Saharan sand doesn't help, either).

So, do I dig out the Marks & Spencers interview best, or go with brown shoes, chinos, shirt and my winning smile?

Or maybe just my winning smile? :wink:
There won't be a fitness test. I went in a suit but there was a mix from suits to jeans and t-shirts.

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The fitness stage of the presentation evening is carried out in the privacy of the medical treatment room overseen by the MO. Obviously because you'll be naked, you won't require sports kit.

Bring wash kit and a towel though.
The presentation evening, is just waht it says on the tin.
You will talked at, and presented at, and then given application form etc.
Rig varies from nicks and flip flops to 3-piece suit -wear what you are comfortable in, but not too formal, equally not too informal. hence shirt & tie with non-jeans should be spot on - though i would recommend sock and shoes, otherwise your feet may hurt by the end of the evening! :)
Jockstrap, bowler hat and steaming bats; by the way you never wear brown shoes in town.

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