Stupid Question: how to get from ferry to AIB

Discussion in 'RFA' started by Tucano97, Nov 1, 2014.

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  1. Sorry this is a pretty dumb question but once you get of the ferry at Gosport your ment to get a taxi and heres my stupid question:

    Where do you tell the taxi driver to go?
  2. HMS Sultan AIB Entrance
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  3. Just say AIB, the taxi drivers all know where it is.

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  4. cheers! didn't think it would be that simple!
  5. Just stand at the taxi rank looking lost - you won't have to say anything, they will know.

    In future years things will be the same, just substitute a Senior Rate for the taxi driver.....
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  6. I was going to protest at that calumny... and then realised it's far too true for comfort :)
  7. I do worry about the future of navigation skills in the service...:rolleyes:
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