stupid question coming up

You will be surprised how well you will learnt how to duck at just the right time. Even so modern nuclear boats have far fewer low flying hazards.

Good luck
Thanks, ill try and get a visit organised. I really want to try for aircrew as a first choice so now im really just summing up the options for my second choice.
True, 6' 4" might be too tall for most planes as activating the ejector seat would rip your legs off at the knees.

Dunno about helos.


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I am 6'4" and although I failed the RAF medical - I would have passed the RN one. You won't fit into a jet but there are taller rotary aircrew then us about.
The helicopter is easily accessible to tall people, but jets may be harder to get into - the docs will measure your legs/ body so do try if you wish to go down this path
from the interviews I have had with liason officers, It looks like im ok for helo's but thats fine with me because thats the route Id really like to take.


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The tall guys onboard spend a lot of time ducking, but the main issue is that they can't stretch out in their bunks. I think anyone taller than about 6'2" has to adopt a feotal position. Never bothered me though...

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Paddy-45 said:
Right, I am tall 6ft4 though despite this I have not ruled out the submarine service. Can anyone give me any advice on the matter?
Joined diesels in 68 , was and still am 6'4, bloody hard to get used to , but after a week or so just forgot about it. Took a while to get a bunk 'athwart' ships so i could stick my feet out of the bottom of the bunk though!got easier after that.
Visited an O boat last year and must admit i wondered how the bloody hell i managed, but then it was all an adventure then !
GO FOR IT! You wont regret it, trust me.

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