Stupid question alert !!


sorry if this sounds a bit stupid but after you have finished training are you drafted to a base then assigned a ship to work on ? I'm just a bit confused about what happens after you have finished specialised training


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In a nutshell, yes. At some stage you'll get a 'draft chit' which tells you what ship you'll be joining and and where and when and what if any additional courses you'll have to undertake. You may find youself in a base doing daywork whilewaiting - use the time to get as much of your task book out the way as possible.


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...assuming the OP isn't joining the Fleet Air Arm, in which case, although they can be drafted to a ship, generally get sent to wherever the squadron/aircraft are.

Otherwise, dependent on branch, a newly trained rating can expect to be top of the sea roster but, even then, it depends how many seagoing billets are readily available.

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