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Stupid question alert !!


sorry if this sounds a bit stupid but after you have finished training are you drafted to a base then assigned a ship to work on ? I'm just a bit confused about what happens after you have finished specialised training


War Hero
In a nutshell, yes. At some stage you'll get a 'draft chit' which tells you what ship you'll be joining and and where and when and what if any additional courses you'll have to undertake. You may find youself in a base doing daywork whilewaiting - use the time to get as much of your task book out the way as possible.


War Hero
...assuming the OP isn't joining the Fleet Air Arm, in which case, although they can be drafted to a ship, generally get sent to wherever the squadron/aircraft are.

Otherwise, dependent on branch, a newly trained rating can expect to be top of the sea roster but, even then, it depends how many seagoing billets are readily available.
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