stupid interview!!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. well my interview is over, and I have a sense of failure!
    My mind went blank, lost my voice, and must have looked like a complete cluster****!!!
    Dam it!
    Asda's is looking better all the time!
  2. Be confident - you may have done better that you think !

  3. What was the interview for???
  4. cheers - but really made an arse of myself - over basici shit I should've known.................
    "what is GMDSS" my answer ?? "urmmmmmmmmmm"
    what a prat!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. what IS GMDSS then??...(old fart i am) :oops:

    P.S. Asda will pay better!! :)
  6. dont suit bright green tho!!!!!!!!!!
    "do u want cash back ??!!!!!!"
  7. The best answer to an acronym question is always to go "Erm Global Something Something Distress? something System" :lol: Don't forget, J almost always stands for Joint!
  8. i got the globam maritime distress bit, then blanked again - then got asked "yes but what is it?" - bloody stupid way of asking a ? if you ask me!
  9. Sorry.. i thought it stood for Got My Department of Social Security giro...but then again, i am thick!! :) :)
  10. I doubt you be failed on just one little lapse.I didnt know what it meant either.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It was the "What is your name?" question that started the rot. lol - I'll get me coat
  12. Still dont know what the interview was about or did i miss something?
  13. Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.
  14. All ASDA colleagues get paid the same pish apparently, sold one a car the other day and it's just above minimum wage. They use other benefits like discounts to keep them happy!

    Nobody looks good in that bright green, except perhaps the lovely Stacey at our local branch, but being 18 and looking a little like Cameron Diaz helps too!!
  15. I was told long ago by this Jodrell Banker in front of everybody else "YOU HAVE ONLY JUST SCRAPED IN YOUR MATHS IS PATHETIC SO REMEMBER THAT" Later I walked past that fecker with a green lid and a set of para wings.

    Things can only get better matey!!

  16. job was for CIS RNR instructor at collingrad - bit gutted really!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Well the only thing to do now if the job does not materialise is put the interview down to experience. You will have gained useful experience from the interview which will come in handy for the next one.
    Keep applying for new positions even if you do not particularly want them (you can always turn down a position if you get it and don't want it). Then remember the old adage
    Piss poor Planning = Piss poor Performance.
    Do your homework before the interview
    best of luck in the future
  18. Chin up lass, you never know!

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