stupid asthma problems.. sorry angry doc o worry alot about these things..

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by jefferson1666, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. hi all!!
    i had my medical test the other week for the royal navy reserve the doctor said all was fine but said i had some homework as i had asthma as a child "i am 17 now" i know you have to be four years clear which i am! i haven't had asthma since i was 10. i was told to make a peak flow diary for a month "28 days" my average is about 560 L/Min which i think is great for my age without asthma. i was also given a letter i must give to my g.p on it there is five questions:

    Is your patient currently prescribed medication for asthma?

    Are there any recorded asthmatic symptoms including nocturnal cough or exercise induced wheezing in the past four years or since the age of sixteen?

    Please indicate the last date your patient was prescribed asthma medication

    Has your patient taken oral steroids for asthma or wheeze since the age of 5?

    Has your patient ever been admitted to an intensive care unit for asthma at any time of their life?

    Has your patient required hospital admission for asthma for greater than 25 hours since the age of 5 years?

    For all these questions the answer is no apart from the "oral steroids from the age of five" question as i was prescribed some pink ones that went in some water for a few days at about the age of 7. I cant find anything about this so could someone please sheer some light i got a letter stating i was medically unfit and at 17 after a long day at college and news that your girlfriend has passed and has a date for her fitness which honestly sucks!
  2. Sorry, your text is difficult to read; have they made you Temporarily Medically Unfit (TMU) or did they say that's endex and you're medically unfit to join, ever?

    Pusser has to clear his stern arcs with regard to things like medical issues or they can find themselves having to discharge people during training or board people out of the service ridiculously early, both of which wastes everyone's time and the latter is costly so you can't blame the Doc; it's his job.

    If it's TMU then your GP letter should clear it up, if what you say of your medical history is accurate and recorded in your med docs. I got TMU'd at 16 and it was difficult to take but I did what they told me and got in a couple of years later.
  3. Had my doctors appointment basicly i found out that i had a perscription for steroids at the age of 11... im not sure what will happen as it was still over 4 years ago that anything was perscribed. Will this be an issue?
    Thank You
  4. I wouldn't have thought so, but it is at the discretion of the examining MO / civvy-who-once-did-a-course.
  5. what happened with this?
  6. I think he had an asthma attack and died.
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  7. I have to do the same exact thing. Although I'm getting 650-720 on the flow chart - which is weird because I am a smoker. I didn't have as many questions in regards to my asthma. My GP posted my letter on the 28th of last month, so waiting for this occupational health specialists to pass it onto Capita who in turn pass it to my careers adviser. Long process, however I am hoping the wait pays off!
  8. Could you let me know how it turns out?
  9. Will do! I called my careers advisor today but he's off so I'll make sure to call him on Friday.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Email him, link to AFCO contact details in signature block
  11. I think he's on a few days leave, the receptionist said he'll be back friday. Would you suggest emailing him?
  12. Seriously?? I would have thought the statement "email him" in the quote you in turn quoted was reasonably unequivocal and didn't need further qualification, but then it may just be me.
  13. You might be right - but I haven't emailed my CA before and given that he's out of office I imagine he wouldn't be back on his email till he's back, and it wouldn't make much difference.
  14. That depends on what you want the email to do - it acts as an aide memoir for you, strikes while the iron is hot, prepares your CA for your call so they are more likely to have all the necessary info to hand, could prompt them to call you . . . all sorts.

    Question has to be though - what are you expecting the CA to provide? Personally, and I am only interested because you have now intrigued me, I cannot see the link between you, your GP, the AFCO and ultimately the MoD through a (I presume) school Careers Advisor. What is their role in all this?

    From what you originally wrote this actually looks like a very convoluted way of trying to put you off, but knowing how efficient the system is at times, maybe this is the way they do things nowadays. Remember, I am out of date and therefore out of touch with the modern recruitment process.
  15. Good reply, thanks.

    I am merely at this stage trying to establish if I can get another appointment for a re-medical. I apologies because I didn't quite understand what you were referring to the link between myself, my GP and the AFCO?

    In terms of my recruitment process timeline, I was deemed TMU straight up due to my previous case of Asthma and Eczema when I was younger. The doctor also wanted to inquire further into a broken wrist I had when I was 7-8 which was just a plaster cast fix with no operation incurred. I thought this was extremely strange as I can't imagine, unless the individual stated otherwise they would take a major interest to every broken bone someone joining the service and require my GP to provide information for this.

    It does seem like an extremely long process given the shortage. I imagine some people are also deterred from applying because of this. But like I read somewhere on here, there will always probably be a number of people applying that the Navy can still choose who they want which is I can imagine a much better option than just letting anyone in.
  16. This was the original post I was referring to. Your reference to the "exact same thing" was unclear (cannot be the immediately preceding post) so I could only presume it was a response to what the OP had started the thread with, having to do a Peak Flow Diary.

    I could not follow your statement regarding the GP sending a letter to Occ health specialists who in turn have to send it to Capita (why????) who in turn will send it to the Careers Adviser to d0 . . . what, exactly? How does this relate to an application to join the Andrew?

  17. Sorry boss,

    Yes. It was in response to the OP.

    As for your second point, I went for my initial medical in November. This was done by an outsourced company named Capita, they then deemed me TMU till they could get further information on said issues so posted a letter to my doctor to disclose information regarding said conditions. My family GP then posted the letter away and apparently it goes to an Occupational Health Specialist (Don't know if they work for Capita/MoD) and checks it over and then passes it back to the Capita doctor who done my medical who in turn advises my careers adviser to book me another medical appointment.

    I am not sure of the ins and outs of the recruitment process but that's what Ninja advised me on a previous post.
  18. OK, fairy nuff then. TMU is not a definite "no" and so good luck with your application. In some cases this a good thing, as it tests how keen you really are to join, both for you and the mob, so keep determined and I wish you well.
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  19. Thanks, appreciate it!

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